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Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Glowing Face: NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush in Park Avenue Plum.

 Hi Gals,
Today I bring to you a face blushing product. It has been a while since I had done a product review on my foreign haul last month. So I decided to do a post on this which has been used by me as a bronzer/blusher for couple of weeks.
I was pretty hesitant to write anything about this yet as I was not actually sure about is qualities unless I apply it almost 15 times before doing a review.
Know it!!
It is a quite normally yet securely packed. I liked its closing clip. The transparent lid lets so see color through before getting it which has NYC embossed on it as well as on blusher itself. 

I really wished there were a mirror along.There is a medium sized blusher brush which is again a common one. 
Use it!!
NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush in Park Avenue Plum Swatch
The shade is pretty sheer wheatish and has whitish earthen and a little peachy  tone to it
This is pure matte nude shade I have yet experienced. It has no shimmery or sheen like features to it. I personally like this quality and let the highlighter do all the sparkle-y stuff.
The pigmentation is not as great as I had expected. It was quite unbelievable that I was not able to dip my fingertip in and swatch on my forearm. The color subdued and was not showing up.
I was quite sure it won’t show on my cheek either. It did show up only when I had based it with tinted moisturizer or a primer. That too happened when I dip the blushing brush at least thrice and did not blend it much;  just softening the edges kept it there.
I have felt this kind of problem with nude blusher. They are pretty sheer, as a little more pigmented and they look browner than nude.
The shade itself is pretty awesome. May be because of its sheerness it is named as “Glow” as what it gives you is more of a glow than a blush. It is quite effective for those who fear applying blushers as gives color by building it up quite gradually. As for me I am more in to more pigmented ones which give me color in one sweep.
The good thing was that though it is a light shade it did stay for more than I had expected on lightly based skin (with tinted Moisturizer ). I won’t say it stayed for very long but it was an okay duration.  I am positive it will give more color/time on fair/light skin tones or a more decently prepped face with medium or wheat-y skin tone. I seriously do not recommend to be used on bare skin esp with darker tones as it won’t show up as much.
All in all it is a wonderful shade, but I wish it worked better.
Like it!!
It is a perfect nude shade.
It is relatively lighter and won’t give a clown look
It is good on fair/light tones
It can be used as medium bronzer
It has matte finish.
Leave it!!
It is difficult to build up.
It needs face prepped with base/foundation to show color.
It does not come with a mirror.
It doesn’t stay that longer.
It doesn’t show up much on darker skin tones.
Quality: **** (NYC is international brand, Promising quality)
Price: ****( At $2.99 as mentioned on website, looks good but with less pigmentation it may run out soon)
Durability Through Time: *** (not much long lasting)
Product claims: ***1/2 (Gives a GLOW, is SMOOTH &NATURAL but not LONG LASTING)
Availability: **** (@ Drugstores and Cosmetics shop with NYC line)
Recommendations: A 50/50 deal. An okay product.
So this was all.
Hope you like it.
Cheeky Chic


  1. Thank you for this review! You know, I actually never tried this brand, but I'm always glancing at it when shopping. In fact, a perfect nude blush would be something I may need :)
    Good luck!

  2. Honestly, I'm quite hesitant to apply some bronzer to my face. I never tried it. Thanks for this post! I might try it... Keep me posted on more make up review Cheeky Chic!

    Love lots! xo Cherry

  3. Very informative post. Of course I'm going to like it!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. Thanks for wonderful review. :) Nice post.
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog too. I'm following you now. :)

  5. It is my pleasure ladies .thanks a bundle for liking..:)

  6. Thanks for the review. I don't like to have to keep layering so I guess this isn't for me! :) Very informative!

  7. Oh I like the dewey luster it leaves, very pretty!


  8. @Kassi
    glad you liked it..:)

  9. Omg I love it !!!!!! Tomorrow I'm going to buy it :), the result is lovely.
    Great blog dear and thank you for following me !


  10. @ Debora I'm really glad it helped u..:)

  11. Nice review! I prefer the brighter shades as the ones like these don't show up on my skin well...

  12. @ Habbott2 thanks for liking it.. I also prefer more pigmented stuff


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