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Friday, 25 November 2011

Some Glowing Nude lips :Arico Stylish Lipstick in 110

Hey guys! you may have read a lot of times from me about Arico stylish lipstick in 110. Let me tell you what it really is.
Arico stylish lipstick in 110 In Flash

Know it!!
Arico Stylish lipstick is by VOV The Color Trend Company
Arico Stylish lipstick Website page
 Shade 110 is a wonderful Nud-ish pink shade. It comes in a silver casing. That is a pretty normal packaging.
Use it!!

Arico stylish lipstick in 110
As I mentioned it is a Nud-ish pink shade that also makes it one of those shades which I apply and do need to do not need to make it any better. It really suits dusky skin tone as it is not a dull color

Arico stylish lipstick in 110 Swatch
Arico stylish lipstick in 110 Swatch in Flash

Being pink makes it vibrant in suitable amount.  That does not make face colorless as some nude lipsticks do.
It is pretty glossy. I never really need to use a lip gloss over it unless the lip gloss needs the lipstick or sometimes a transparent one if I need some extra gloss for a change
Due to its creamy and pigmented nature I also find it quite easy to apply and rarely swiped it more than once. It remained one of my daily products for a very long period.
Arico stylish lipstick in 110

Arico stylish lipstick in 110

The only drawback I felt while using it is was its lasting time. It wears off very soon because it is so creamy it would absorb in lips. Lips would feel so soft and nourished but color would go away. I always needed to do touch ups. To help with this problem I sometimes use it with a nude lip pencil like Avon’s color trend lipliner pencil in nude. That really helped it stay longer.
 So it stays on my vanity and I still use it as my instant face glowing lipstick which gives me a usual day look without making it extra glamorous or dull.
Like it!!
It is a very superb nude pink shade.
It has creamy finish.
It is quite glossy.
It is easily applied.
Leave it!!
It is not that long lasting.
It needs lip pencil to stay intact.
It may finish soon because of touch ups.
Quality: ***1/2(VOV is an international brand, it does have good pigmentation, and finish)
Price: ***1/2 (It is between PKR 250-350,with need to do touchups it is little expensive)
Durability Through Time: *** (Does not stay much)
Availability: ***1/2 (On official website and cosmetic stores having Arico makeup line)
Product Claims: **** (It is SMOOTH and MOISTURISING)
Shades: ***** (42 shades, but their finish and pigmentation differ)
Recommendation: **** ( Take it if you like a good pigmented lipstick)
So that was all this is about.
Hope you liked the review.
See ya
Cheeky Chic


  1. Lovely color! Wish it stayed on for longer though..

  2. I am now following your blog aswell... xx :)

  3. Really nice colour, great for everyday use. Following back. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. xo

  4. love nude-y colors and your lips look fab;) x

  5. @ Nayab..yeah I wish that too
    @ Mademoiselle Poirot
    Thanks for liking & joining me.
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    Fashion Cat

  7. Really nice colour, great for everyday use :) Thanks for following me I follow you back

  8. I'm following you !!!;)

  9. nice colors - thanks for the lovely comment - I am following you as well :) Muah (with pink lipstick)

  10. Hello :))
    thank you so much for following! we follow your gorgeous blog now, too!!!

  11. this beautiful color. Matches any occasion. kisses

  12. i wonder why all lovely colors are not long lasted...I have some LDM lippies beautiful shades but stayng power is zero

    such a pretty shade thnx for sharing

  13. Kate L.
    @Blog da Miss
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    @Huma Sarah
    Glad u liked it

  14. That is a lovely colour, I actually today was talking to a friend of mine, about a girl that had that tone of lipstick :D
    Thanks for the comment and visit


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