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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Avon's mini cosmetics:Worth a try!!

Hey guys,
This post is let you know about some wonderful minis from Avon Cosmetics.

It is actually a review/thoughts about some great stuff I came across.Well, these are from Avon Canada.These are like some trial mini items which they come with a price tag of $1.Pretty convenient if you  want to just try something before purchasing. I came to know about these from a catalouge .If you know, Avon products don't actually have an outlet or Retail place.They run their merchandise through Monthly catalouges and representatives appointed to areas.You select something out of a catalouge and order it to the authorised representative and they bring you the stuff within a week or so.So it is very difficult to select a shade without testing it.Here minis come really useful .When I saw these for $1 each I didnt know they would be that small(So naive of me).So I ordered a mini haul of lipsticks ,Liquid lip color,Lip pencils and Eyeliner pencil.
Well, they came duly as promised.And it struck me like anything as they were too small. Lipsticks were quite handy so you can keep them in little compartment in you bag as well.The good thing them was they had the richest and most amazing colors ever.
Liquid lipcolor:
The liquid lip color was too less in quantity, just enough for may be 10 sweeps. It was all it had.But the colors were too vivd and pigmented .I loved them as long as they lasted:P

I got two in Buttered rum(G27) and Peach fizz(G301) shades.(I loved the title names somehow, too cute)
Avon Liquid lipcolor- Peach Fizz
Peach fuzz true to its name was lightest peach color with shine to it.
Avon Liquid lipcolor

I loved this one a lot and it was first to finish.
Avon Liquid lipcolor- Peach Fizz Swatch
Avon Liquid lipcolor- Peach Fizz Swatch 

Buttered Rum was More to maroon-ish side with Dark brown undertones.I kept this one for more Pinned up looks and it still remains.:D 

Avon Liquid lipcolor-Buttered Rum
Avon Liquid lipcolor-Buttered Rum Swatch
Avon Liquid lipcolor-Buttered Rum
Avon Liquid lipcolor-Buttered Rum-Size
 Avon Lipsticks:
Avon Mini Lipsticks
They were smallest in size.but worked well.These actually reminded me of really cheap lipstick we had in markets some years ago.If someone knows wat I mean.They used to come @ Rs.20/30 a piece,Chinese stuff I guess.But these ones were genuinely from AVON.
Avon Mini Lipsticks- Size
I got three of them:
Pink Quartz 
& Cranberry.
These were the most creamiest and pigmented ones I have ever seen.Even the lighter shade kept intact and showed up on little darker lips like mine. 
Cranberry:As name suggests,somewhat dark reddish & looked wonderful alone or with liquid lip color buttered rum.
Pink Quartz: This was the pink that made me love pink lipsticks initially . I have yet  not found a dupe of this color .It is like the pink rose just bloomed.Lovely<3
Apricot:it was somewhat like the peach fizz so I would at times use them combo.Looked awesome.
Avon Lipsticks From top to bottom Cranberry,Pink Quartz and Apricot
Mini Lip Pencils:I don't usually use lip pencil because I only need them under light colored lipsticks and are really smooth.I got two from AVON and they were not only vivid but also were creamy enough for smooth application.
Natural shade is perfect under nude lipsticks and is creamy too.
Avon Mini Lipliner Pencil-Natural
Avon Mini Lipliner Pencil-Natural
Avon Mini Lipliner Pencil- Natural
Avon Mini Lipliner Pencil-Natural-Swatch

Wild Berry is a looks like maroon but is like burgundy/pinkish shade.
Avon ColorTrend Mini Lipliner Pencil-Wild Berry
Avon ColorTrendMini Lipliner Pencil-Wild Berry
Avon ColorTrend Mini Lipliner Pencil-Wild Berry-Swatch

Mini Eye Liner:
This one is as smooth and gives as easy application as the lip liner.I got it in Black color.It is not the blackest of black but a good one.I would personally recommend it for over the eyelid and not on waterline as it stings there whenever I have used.
Avon Color Trend Mini Eye liner Pencil-Black
Avon Mini Eye Liner Pencil-Black

So this was all.I like them as they even fix in a cellphone pouch and are helpful in emergency.:D
I hope You liked them.
Cheeky Chic

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