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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cocka koo says cockatoo:Odho cosmetics Busher in abo-05

Hey fellows,Autumn  is UP, and we need some Earthy shades to try..check this gorg. blusher out

So this is my first review for blusher.

Atiqa odho cosmetics is a brand which is famous for its either extremely misses , or some hits.Well I don't kow much about other products it offers but its blusher has been my favorite for years .I normally am a big user of pink shaded blushers but I realised that I need to have an earthy tone blusher and my first stop was Odho Cosmetics.Since I have been using their Blusher in Flamingo since ages (three and a half years,I'll review that soon enough too.
(Angular Brush is not included)
Product Details:
Had to get another brush @#^%*^%$!
It is  blusher named COCKATOO ,comes in a compact little case.With a small brush and mirror on the back(which really are a complete wastage ) It is a very good earthy shade with orangey under tone.Which makes it anti mono-tone.If the brown shade makes it dull the orange undertone makes it bold in right amount.It has a little shimmer to it which is prefect for just enough glamour.

SEE Shimmer

Directions:First thing first,DISCARD the brush there and then,  right after u get the product or NEVER remember its there. It is such a small brush that it is no good at all.U need to have a good all over, fan or a vertical brush for subtle application.
Though its major use is for apple of cheeks ,to along the temple line.You can apply it as a bronzer or for contouring too by blending it with other shades.
I have applied it on bare cheeks and over Diana of London Matifying gel base,(see review) for more smoothness latter is better.
Views:Well ,I am really fan of this product no matter what color it is.It is not very powdery or whitish ,blends really well and the color  is very smooth.Doesn't streak at all. Its color can really be build up.Get a good brush & all You need to have is a dip for sheer or two for full coverage.I would really call it kind of a matte one . It doesnt have a shining or frosty nature to it,which makes it good for  summer.It has a glimmer to it which isnt that obvious at times.I usually use it when I go for Nude looks,Which realy suits it .If  u need a down to earth kind of look this is your thing.

In Flash

Color stays for a good time .You at least don't need touch ups at all.Rather i'd say that Ive noticed,after some time it kinda becomes a part of skin . U dont even know that some rogue has been eh?
Quality:****(I believe it is a good quality,smooth coverage , balanced color,good pigmentation)
Price:****(It is a good product which comes with pretty affordable price)
Durability Through Time:****(It stays through time , no touch ups no discoloration)
Product Claims:***(I guess it claims to be an ideal blusher for all needs & purposes ,I found it  good for matte looks only)

Availability:****(Atiqa odho is quite an available brand so its available almost at every drug shop)
So that was all about the blush.
I have added some more angles to give you the realist idea.
Hope U like it .
Cheeky Chic


  1. What I dont like about Odho Cosmetics is thats its not easily available everywhere. They should have an online store too. Luscious is more popular cz they have an online store

    1. Yeah, u r right. Odho's are so out of reach now..:( they should totally start a web store. even if they just initiate it from fb.


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