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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to liquids: e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black

Hi fellows
 Let me share with you my re entry in to liquid eye liner world after a long time with none other than e.l.f essential liquid eye liner in black. A product I can't believe has become my worst to must product in a few weeks..:O

Know it!!
elf liquid eye liner is an elongated bottle with quite a user friendly handle and a small container.
e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black
The applicator is felt tip and is an okay size that seems fine.
e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black(Applicator)
Use it!!
I had stopped using any liquid eye liner for long because I had felt using a brush eyeliner was quite out of control for me and more than often resulted in  a mess. So I switched permanently to cake and pencil eye liner.Pencil didn't give me very fine results so cake was a good alternative to liquid ones.
Since e.l.f came to pakistan there was a lot of scope for me to try out thing in an affordable way thus when I came to know that e.l.f liners have a felt tip I decided to go for it.
It is quite a black color with okay consistency; not too runny or thick . It does take a little more time in drying that requires to keep eyes closed for some moments. It is not that shiny or matte, just a good finish. 
e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black
Left: Swatch on drying
Right:Swatch on smudging
Honestly speaking, the very first experience with e.l.f eye liner was quite a mess and it stayed in my Spare products for more than two month unless recently I came across some tutorials and decided to give it another chance before reviewing it for blog. I am glad I did so.
The problem was that it won't create a smooth line and would kind of end up in irregular application or would go a lot thicker than I would want it to. Now, this can come useful when one is going for extra dramatic eyes but for day to day/ casual  usage it was not much of a help.
Dramatic look created with e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black
 The reason it was happening was that the felt tip carries more product than is needed so it is difficult to handle it and smearing occurs.
 Too much Product on applicator
 So what I did was, take off extra product when I take applicator out of the bottle. Just wiping on bottle mouth does it all. Next I line both eyes, kind of creating a border as thick/thin I want it to be. Normally I try to keep it as close to the eyelash line as possible as I want a normal look.  I do not dip it again in bottle unless I am done bordering both eyes even if product starts running out. After I am done with this step I lastly fill in any spaces left during application which almost always are there. And that gives me a perfect eye lining experiences.
Defined eye look created with e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black

Defined eye look created with e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black

It is small in quantity I must say that it can run off soon but with as less product I use it may stay with me for a little longer than expected.
e.l.f Essential Liquid Eye liner in Black - Size
It is definitely not water proof and wears off easily when in contact with as much as tears or smudging. but surprisingly it does stay on for as long as 5 hours which was quite an impression on me.
Now the question is that why do I go to so much trouble just for lining my eyes? I could take some other eye liner and successfully do it in a swipe. There are more than one reasons : As told before liquid eye liners are not a great success with me. I don't want to get an expensive one and just end up same as I did with this first time or other brush eye liners I have used earlier. Secondly it is quite inexpensive and I can toss it away easily if I get bored of the whole routine I follow to apply it . As long as it gives me results I need, it goes good with me.
Like it!!
It is a good black color
It is compact.
It has user friendly handle.
It is easily removed.
It is quite good for daily use.
It is quite inexpensive
Leave it!!
It is not water proof.
It has less quantity than normal eye liners
It needs some work/practice to give good results.

Quality:***( Good pigmentation n consistency, not water/ smudge proof)
Price: ***1/2 ( affordable price(PKR 170/- USD 1/-) with small quantity yet can be used minimally)
Durability through Time: *** ( Stays well for a non water proof eye liner)
Product claims: (Is "rich in color",can " create natural/ dramatic eye look", has "fine tip"  but is not "long wearing" or " smudge proof")
Availability: ***1/2 ( In Pakistan: only @ e.l.f Website, other places @ one Dollar/drug stores & on line websites)
Shades: ****1/2 ( 12 in all on e.l.f webpage )
Recommendation : Is quite good for casual use.
 So that was all from me on e.l.f essential eye liner.
Hope it was useful.
Cheeky Chic


  1. good review, i have heard great things of the elf liquid liner

  2. I'm going to have to check this out! I normally use gel liner and am NOT a fan of liquid!

  3. Thank you soo much for the review! I love the tip of the liner, similar to the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner that I'm running out of. This seems to be a good substitute!

  4. Thanks for liking.I am really glad it helped you gals ..

  5. Great review. I can't believe I have missed reading so many of your posts. Somehow my reader isn't showing your posts on the reading list :(

  6. beautiful review, it helped me a lot!:)
    lovely greetings xx

    Would be really happy about a visit:)

  7. @ Pandora's box .:O +:S..thanks for liking though:)
    @ Hailey. Glad it helped u.


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