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Sunday, 8 January 2012

NOTW: Paws on Nails

Hey girls!
I am sharing with you a NOTW after along time. I am in love with blue shades and the thirst never comes to an end.
I relish it more I painted my nails in a cool shades of sky blue and did a little motive on it with bit of shimmer on tips.
Lets see how did it go.
Products Used:
Sweet Touch Base Coat
Medora Nail Polish in 485
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer in White
Genny Power & Shine Nail Enamel
Sweet touch Top coat
Enjoy the look.
Cheeky Chic



  1. Aww love the paws! I have a thing for cats :) Here's a Paw NOTD I did a while back,

  2. @ nayabloves .yeah I so remember that post.lovely as ever
    @ cottoncandyink thanks for liking

  3. Hi sexy Chic! I was given to "Kreative Blogger Award" by a fellow blogger and I passed it on to you;)

  4. Love this shade of blue, the glitter tips are a great addition!

  5. is that henna???aww yay henna is soo cool :) and thank you so so sosoooo much for following you are number 70 yay :) round number ;) thanks sweetie xx

  6. Nice colours!

    Thank you for following me, I am following you back!


  7. Thank you for following my blog - now following you! :)

    Amazing nails!! :)


  8. Thanx for like Gals .I welcome u all
    @ Lulu yes thats henna..:) i was wondering while i was there if I was 70. a pleasure indeed

  9. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes! Congratulations on your blog award as well :) This look is certainly interesting and I like the pattern you have on your fingers :)

  10. This is beautiful! Love that you've put so much detail into this post and your pictures. :) xx

  11. that looks soo cute.. take care xx!!

  12. Great nails! Hey I noticced you're following my blog. Is your blog listed on Bloglovin' ? I would like to follow back, but I use only Bloglovin' for that. :)

    xx Satu
    indie by heart

  13. thanks a bundle for liking it girls.XOXOX


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