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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rich & Glossy:E.l.f Hypershine Gloss in Bare and Flirt

Hello FRIENDS!! Today I am going to review one of my favorite lip products: E.l.f  Hypershine Gloss

Know it!!
The product comes in a pen like container with twister at bottom and brush one the other end that oozes lip gloss. The transparent casing lets the product peek through and the shade can be determined before buying.
e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss-Packaging

Use it!!
I normally do not use lipgloss directly on lips as I have a bad habit of biting my lips and within a couple of hours the lip product applied totally vanishes off my lips. That is why I try to apply a color matched lipstick and then apply a lip gloss after wards.
I am not a big fan of doe foot lipglosses as applying them over another lip color and then dipping it again in bottle, mutilates the gloss shade after some time. The tube lip glosses are my preference but with them I have to use a lip brush for definition.
E.l.f hyper shine lip gloss became my fav product because of its brush tip. It is so smooth and gentle that I am planning on keeping it as a lip brush even after it drains out. The strangest thing is that even though it is not a typical lip brush yet its bristles stay intact in place. I have been using these for more than two months now but as far as I remember only one bristle came out of the hold. I think this is pretty encouraging.
e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss-Brush Tip
 I love that the formula that is not sticky and feels extremely light on lips. Being pigmented and breathable is great quality it has. It is rich in color and glides on lips very smoothly.
e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss in Bare and Flirt

The two glosses shades that I have are Bare and Flirt.
e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss in Bare and Flirt
- Swatches
Bare is a light golden-ish shade with mild peach undertones. The image on website is quite contradictory and seems like nude color.  The finish is frosty and it is super pigmented.  On first swatch it looks more like a sheer shade that’s only going to add a tint to lips with frost shine. But later on, I used it successful to apply over those lipsticks that I wanted to tone down or add a bit of peach tone to. Like with “Charming” from e.l.f essential lipstick which is a pinkish nude shade I just need to add this gloss over and blend with brush tip. It very successfully changes it in to a pastel nude shade. 
e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Charming&e.l.f Hypershine lipgloss in Bare

e.l.f Essential Lipstick in Charming

e.l.f Hypershine lipgloss in Bare With e.l.f   Essential Lipstick in Charming 

It has a coffee like scent which so entrances me as I love coffee aroma.

e.l.f hyper shine lip gloss in Bare and Flirt Swatches
Flirt is a carrot  pink shade with coral undertones. Coral and pinks are already my favorite so this one becomes my vanity’s super star. The website portrays it as a peach shade.  It has pure crème finish is very glossy and as pigmented as anything could be. I normally use it over light pink shades to enhance its own color. It so reminds me of Luscious lipstick in candy pink .

Luscious Lipstick in Pink Candy

Flirt is supposed to have a candy cotton scent to it. It does smell like that.
e.l.f lip-glosses were so super amazing and at the rate of $1/£1.5/Rs.170/- is great. The only drawback is that it does not offer that much product. What you see in images is almost half way done. So basically it is just less than usual quantity.
Over all I loved the product for its comfort ability and ease to use.
Like it!!
It is pigmented.
It has compact packaging.
It is very glossy.
The brush tip is very user friendly.
It can be used alone and over another product.
The shade can be seen from outside.

Leave it
It seems to have lesser product than ordinary lip glosses.
Quality : ****1/2(  Pigmented, Rich, Glossy, Good Packaging, Scented)
Price: ****( At an affordable price, Less Quantity)
Durability Through Time: ***1/2 ( Stays put for a good time)
Product Claims: ****1/2 (“infused with micro-mirror technology”color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful” but may not “Last for Hours”)
Availability: ****(@ Dollar /Drug/online stores and website)
Shades:***1/2 (11 shades)
Recommendation: Lip gloss Lovers!!! Don’t miss this out.
So this was all from me..
Hope this helped you
See ya
Cheeky Chic.


  1. nice glosses, never have tried these before

  2. These look really pretty. Reminds me of stila lip gloss that I have. Exactly the same packaging and everything. The price is brilliant.

    1. Yes!! you r right.These do look like Stila Lip glosses. the only difference may be the quantity.Stila Ones are a little thick and perhaps more glossy..And ofc Price is the BIGGEST difference..:P


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