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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Shimmer on Trial: Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink


Hello Ladies!!
Let us see what Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow has to offer us.

Know it !!
It is a small compact round case with two Shimmery shades settled together. Transparent lid makes it easy to see shades through.
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
The duo doesn’t offers a mirror or an applicator.

Use it!! 
I had got this duo almost a year back when I had realized that do not have many brow highlighters. It attracted me because it had given two shades together and was pretty compact.

Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink consists of a Rose pink and an off white shade. Both of them have a lot of shimmer to them. To my surprise I was unable to find this duo on Diana of London official website. There were single shimmer eye shadows but nowhere was mention of duos. That makes me think if it is a discontinued product.
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
The shimmer the shadows have is not silver-y or sheen-like, but it gives a multicolor glitter. The off white shade is has a bit of pinkish tone, it may be because of the shade next to it or it might be built in.
I personally do not like wetting the shadows but with this one I preferred to wet it before applying
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
These shadows are not WOW- Pigmented. Moreover because of shimmery nature they tend to spread all over skin. With wetting the brush applicator I found them more in control and the color seemed much well. Though these are for over the lid application but I dare not use it all over. For one reason; it  is sheerer than I want it to be ,Secondly  I do not go for that glittery lids, thus I try it when I want it to serve the initial purpose ;For highlighting. My take is that these shadows can look better when applied on a color matched matte eye shadow if one wants to achieve shimmer. Otherwise it may be useful for lighter or heavily prepped eye lids as wearing on my elf primer prepped eyes it still didn’t show much difference than alone.
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow
 in Angelic Pink
Shimmer spread after rubbing
As no applicator is along I use it with my fingertips, which proves to be more useful than using a brush or a sponge applicator.
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
After breakage 
Unfortunately It fell on floor a while back. As the product protrudes out of the compact in a spherical shape, the broken clusters would not stay inside at any cost. I liked the lid which was good enough even after this “accident” and won’t budge. But still each time I opened it some of the product would go to waste.

Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink-Lid
Diana of London Shimmer Touch Duo Eye shadow in Angelic Pink
After taking out broken bits
As I recently have become a fan of cheek highlighting so I decided to de-pot the broken pieces to another compact and use them as blusher/highlighter. I was pleasantly surprised that it did a wonderful job. It gave me a frosty pink shade and honestly speaking, I find myself reaching for it more for blusher than eye shadows.
So overall it proved good for me. I really wish it could have done a better eye job for me. But maybe I am not still that much into glitter to use it as an eye shadow.
Like it!!
It is compact.
It has two coordinated shades.
It is super shimmery.
It can be used as dry/wet.
It is perfect for highlighting.
It can be used as blusher.
Leave it!!
Shimmer tries to get out of control.
It may need a primer to hold longer.
Shades try to mix together.
It has less staying power.
It doesn’t have a mirror or applicator.
Quality: *** ( Nice colors, Compact, Very shimmery, Less pigmented)
Price: **1/2 ( $8 ..Not a good one for quality it offers.)
Product Claims: ***(“Crease Resistant”, “Wet & Dray Formula” but not “Super Smooth” or “High Color Payoff”)
Availability: ** (May be at stores with Diana of London line)
Durability Through Time:**1/2 ( tends to spread all around eye area after some time)
Recommendations: Only take it if you can’t resist shimmer or have lighter lids
So this was all from me.
See ya soon.
Cheeky Chic


  1. Love this!
    Don't forget to check out my nail polish giveaway.

  2. nice highlight shade

  3. You have a really cute blog!


  4. I hate when I drop a product and it breaks apart! That is the worst. This looks really pretty and shimmery, which is always a good thing!

  5. I love shimmery shadows. This one would work great with a primer as you stated. Too bad about the breakage. And I thought I was the only klutz around :P :)

    1. Oh my!! i have become so paranoid after breaking some beloved stuff that now i imagine a *crash* before even holding an item...:P:P

  6. Love the shimmer ....Accidently Breakin a beloved stuff is definitely a nightmare :P

    The Sweet Life

  7. Oh no everyone seems to be breaking their eye shadows these days. I just dropped one of my Revlon ones and was extremely sad about that :( Where do you usually o your shopping? I haven't been to many stores in Isbd which offer wide variety of Diana of London stuff.
    Lovely review as always (:

    1. Oh!so sorry for the loss. I somehow get disheartened to use a product after breaking. it reminds me of heartbreak every time..:(
      I get stuff from Drug Stores in Blue Area : Specially D-Watson and sometimes from Shaheen cosmetics.I have heard their branches in F-6 Super Market have great collection too.Never been there much;they kind of are far from where I reside.:)

    2. Oh okay. I'll definitely be checking out the ones in Blue Area because I always go to the Super ones. Thanks for letting me know :)


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