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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Set the Powder: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory

Hi ladies! 
Today I am going to review a pressed powder which is proving to be quite helpful for me.

Know it!!
Nuetrogena skin Clearing Mineral Powder in classic ivory comes on a round case with transparent lid to see through the color. A compartment beneath the cake has  a mirror and carries a two sided applicator.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory- Packaging

Use it!!

I got the powder when I was on look out for a setting powder preferably a translucent one. I normally use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder in Sandstorm to set foundation /base /or tinted moisturiser but as my skin tends to go drier in winter I could not use it any more. It would somehow  try to make skin pretty dry instead of just soaking up the extra oiliness. My skin would show the powdery chunks at places and will get so tense and itchy especially if I use it on a clear face. Entirely a No-No condition
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory

Neutrogena skin clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory is a not exactly what we normally perceive “Ivory” to be. It is not very yellowish or very light rather it is a blend of yellow and beige shade without being very dark or very light.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory-Swatch

Surprisingly this is the lightest shade in the range which makes me wonder how dark will be the darker ones. I easily use it to set my concealer/ foundation /Tinted moisturiser. It kind of does for me what a translucent powder would have done. It proves  pretty much a match for all over the face but if I try to use it over my really pigmented areas (Around my lips) it tries to get a little greyer. It definitely signals that my multi toned skin needs more than one powder shade.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory
The formula is very smooth and is not at all gritty or cakey especially when applied with the applicator which comes with it. The applicator along is the real charmer for me as it is double sided for light and heavy coverage. I have not felt to use the heaver side yet but the side for lighter application (colored in orange) is amazing. It is so velvety kind of texture that sets the face so well that I am simply impressed.
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder - Heavy coverage applicator side

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder - Light coverage applicator side

This powder is more on the lines of a setting powder as when I tried using it with a fluffy brush, the result was not that over whelming. It was trying to get blotchy at some places and was getting a little powdery.
As I mentioned before the other setting powders I use normally were not much useful to me in dry weather.  This one proved to be pretty good with my dry skin. It did the job of settingand eliminates the dewy look a foundation creates.  I have also tried it on bare face and unlike other powders it was perfect. It did not dry unnecessarily or try getting powdery. Further I have felt that lesser is more in this case. If I try to apply more powder than necessary, it very quickly shows up that I am going wrong.
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder in Classic Ivory
Applied in Middle
I have not yet felt doing touch ups which shows that it does its job for a good lot of time. It also claims to reduce acne and break outs as it is “skin clearing” and “Mineral”, which I am unable to testify as I do not encounter them much but Yeah!! my best guess is that it being friendly to skin is due to these qualities. So based on the record, there is a hefty chance it will help with other problem areas too.
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral powder - Back
The one thing which I have a love/hate kind of relationship is the case. It is strong and gives a decent look as compared to Rimmel stay matte one. Plus it also has a mirror which is quite an addition. The only thing wrong about mirror is that it shows up in compartment below the powder and one has to switch between compartments to see in mirror while applying powder. This requires continuous flipping which is bothersome if one is already carrying an applicator in one hand. The applicator also goes down that compartment, and you can’t really go a one second touch up if you are in hurry.  This may be very minute packaging problem but I so wish it were different.
I am quite satisfied with this purchase of mine and really hope it proves to stay good with changing seasons.
Like it!!
It is very smooth on application
It does not tense the skin.
The applicator is quite useful.
It can be used on bare or prepped skin.
It eliminates oiliness easily.
It does not cake or blotch.
It is perfect for setting foundation.
It has a mirror along.
It is quite long lasting.
Leave it!!
It is not as good applying with a brush.
The mirror in down compartment is a glitch.
Quality:****1/2( Smooth, non-cakey, perfect for setting,Non-drying, oil-absorbing)
Price: **** ( $11.99 a good one for quality offerd)
Product claims: **** ( Definitely “Gentle”,”Oil absorbing” “non- irritating”, “ applicator for good coverage” )
Durability through time: **** (Stays for a good enough time)
Availability: **** (@ online and drugstores with Neutrogena cosmetics line)
Shades: *** (8 shades See HERE)
Recommendations: A pretty amazing powder to try out.
So that was all from my side
Hope it will be helpful.
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  1. sounds great, good review

  2. This sounds like a good product! Very thorough review - thanks!

  3. I'm sad it greys out on some areas otherwise it seems like a good buy! Thanks for the review :)

    1. oh it greys only because of wrong shade.otherwise its pretty awesome.

  4. The reviews were helpful. :) Thanks for sharing!


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