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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bold & Metallic: Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils

Shimmer is never out of reach. Get it in the pencils by Luscious cosmetics.

Know it!!
 Luscious Sparkle eyeliner pencils are a normal wooden eye liner pencil. The unsharpened end of the pencil has name tag with respective color tab. The wood is of  fine quality and does not shred when being sharpened.
Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils-
Electric Blue-Rockstar
Pencil tip

Use it!!
I got access of these a week ago and I have been trying to get best out of them as they are my first eye products form luscious.

Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils-
Rockstar- Electric Blue

I had picked the shades online so I naturally was a little skeptical what they’d turn out to be. Rockstar is a black- Noir shade ( One thing which I never tired of getting- black color eye pencils) and Electric Blue is  Navy blue with a teeny tiny tinge of grey to it.

Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils-
Electric BlueRockstar
Both of the shades are shimmery as the very word “sparkle” suggests. But what made me very thankful was, that the silver glitter in the product is not chunky or something which would spread all over the face after a while. Glitter is very much infused within and is something which I call subtle. They are more glimmery than glittery, if you know the difference.
Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils-
Electric Blue-Rockstar
Glitter infused
As far as the pigmentation is concerned, both of them are well pigmented. The Rockstar seems pretty much black when swatched on hand but when it comes in contact with shadowed eye lids, some of the eye shadow beneath peeks through it. That very well shows, it isn't the blackest black around. If creating a soft smudged look is the purpose then it may work pretty fine. Electric blue works very well on both upper and lower lashline and gives a nice colorful hue to eye looks.

These pencils are creamy and glide very smoothly and easily on Lash line. What I was impressed of is that the tip doesn’t break like with many other pencil eye liners out there. The smooth application seriously made me wonder, why had I left using eye pencils in the first place and the answer was right there. You are not able to create a supper slim eye line ( may be with some practice) but for dramatic looks these both can work very well.
Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils-
Electric Blue-Rockstar

With eye liner I always try to use them on my water line but since these contain glimmer within, I didn’t want to use them inside my eye as kohl. That may be is too precautionary but let’s stay that way.

Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils
Rockstar on upper lash line
Electric Blue on lower lash line

The pencils claim to be water proof, which I agree to most of the extent. I put my hand with swatch below water, they didn’t budge, rubbed it a little and then vigorously, the shade still was there and was slightly smudged. This was really impressive. When put on eyes, they certainly do not flow, esp with watery lower lashline.

Luscious Bold Sparkle Eye Liner Pencils
Rockstar on upper lash line
Electric Blue on lower lash line
As far as the smudging goes, due to the creamy nature they smudge a little after 4 hrs. Being creamy does not really make them ideal for oily lids unless some precautionary measures are taken like using a pressed powder beneath or eye shadow powder above the line.  They do leave a mark on naked oily lid that was a little downer but with eye shaded lids there wasn’t a problem.
Overall, I am glad to get them. Being economically affordable I normally use them for my daily natural look. When I do not want to have a sharp line across my lids and instead go for a smudged look.
Like it!!
They are well pigmented.
The glitter infused is not chunky
They are quite creamy.
The application is very smooth.
The tip is break resistant.
They are waterproof to a great extent.
They can be used both on upper and lower lash.
They lasts for quite a good time.
Leave it!!
they are not that smudge proof.
They cannot be used as kohl eyeliner.
they may not be good for oily eye lids.
Drawing a fine line is a little difficult.
The rockstar’s color isn’t extremely black.
Quality: ****( A leading brand, infused shimmer, good pigmentation, easy application)
Price: *** (Rs. 285- An okay price as compared to other pencil eyeliners)
Product claims: ***1/2(definitely “Sparkling”, “Waterproof” “Fade proof” and “Long lasting”- not as much “Bold colors”or “Smudge proof”)
Durability through time: ***1/2( stays for a good time, spreads a little after 4-5 hours”
Availability: *** (@ most local drugstores in Pak and online @ official website )
Shades: **1/2 (Only 8 shades)
Recommendations: A long lasting pencil with easy application. Good catch for eye pencil users.
So that was all from me.
Hope you liked it.
See ya soon
Cheeky Chic

PR Sample sent for Review.


  1. i have the blue one and i love it... love your eye looks

  2. looove the look that you did! such pretty colors :)

  3. Thanks for liking girls.. Always cheers

  4. My first official comment!! :D
    Lovedd the eye look!! Gorgeous! MashAllah pretty eyes! :)
    And I love how in-depth and detailed your review was and you covered every little aspect!
    And about the pencils I do actually have both of them. I tend to use the blue one more and somehow prefer some of my other black eye pencils over the 'rockstar' one.
    Thanks for a great review!

    1. Welcome aboard!!:)
      Thanks for liking the review. Always my pleasure. I know,the black one isnt the greatest out there. but still for daily looks,when u do not want to consume the ultra-expensive ones, this is amazing.

    2. Thank you! :)
      And you are most welcome! I know it may not be the best black but its not bad either and I like the fact that glitter in it is not too in your face type.

  5. Hey Its really nice review :) my choice is blue one.. surely now get this one too :)

    1. Yeah, the blue one is really cool. It would have been my favorite if I were in to colored eye pencils

  6. OMG you have done a wonderful eye look amazing it means you can teach me :)
    and the review is also good but i have extreme oily lids so i will stay away from them unless i have to use precautions but rockstar is looking wonderful on you so i might get a look into it :)............. thanx a bunch dear :)

    1. Always a pleasure!! Really glad that it helped you.

  7. Hi dear..this is preethi..i have started a new blog..pls follow my blog..i will be happy to follow u back..dont forget to post link of ur blog

  8. That was a wonderful look dear that u have created.. i liked both of them :)
    Thank u for visiting and following.. :)



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