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Friday, 4 May 2012

A Bronzy Golden :Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze

My first product from Makeup store, that surprised me beyond my expectations.

Hey girls,

Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze
This is going to be a review on my recent favourite item from Makeup Store, It is an eyeshadow that is from the line Microeyeshadows. The packaging is quite subtle and strong. The letter M engraved transparently, over the lid for the shadow color to peek through really catches attention.

Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze
Since it is a single eye shadow the idea of adding up a mirror or an applicator really seems a far cry.

Use it!!
This is one of the factory issued item I have got. So there wasn't a name or sticker to tell me what shade it is. I had to go through the website numerous times to compare it to online images and I narrowed it down to Microshadow Sunrise, Rusty and Bronze. Rusty  seemed a little more brown toned and Sunrise was a little too orange,so I finalised the shade as Bronze.
Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze

The shade is a variation of Golden with brown and orange undertones, a little like golden burnt orange. It looks like a very strong shade in the case but All these mix up to give a very subtle hue. It is not at all powdery, neither causes any fall out nor is it super soft where just dipping the brush in causes a dent.
Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze

It is golden frosty but not glittery or shimmery. What I liked most about this eye shadow is that it is not one of those which scatter glitter all over face when applied. The frost is completely infused within.
Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze
Swatch-Heavy Hand
Make up store Micro Shadow in Bronze
Swatch- Rubbed in
No glitter scattered :)
The pigmentation is mind blowing. Even a single dip in eye shadow gives amazing coverage. I have not used Mac shadows before but I have this one gives them a good competition.
It is perfect to be used as Over-the Crease shade as well as Lid color. I normally use it above crease where it blends amazingly with highlighter and the crease color below. Though I am not a fan of single eye shadows but shades like these which are multi functional really come in handy at time of need.
It is also described to be used as eye liner or even a blusher. Hmm Yup, This color particularly can be a replacement for a bronzer/ highlighter. Just tried it that way; It did pretty well.:)
Overall I loved this product.I am so wishing to get my hands on more of these.
Like it!!
It is a subtle Golden shade.
The shimmer is really infused in.
The case is very sturdy.
It has great pigmentation.
It blends in really well.
It doesn't fall out or spread
Leave it !!
It doesn't come with a mirror or applicator.
Quality:****1/2(Pigmented, Shiny, Sleek,Vivid shade)
Price:***( £ 11 as on website.a lil pricey but can go for a long while)
Product Claims:****1/2("Highly pigmented", Intense Color""use as blush" Havent tried as "eyeliner yet"or" a day long lasting power"
Durability Through Time:***1/2( stayed well as long as 5 hours.That the most long I have tried it for.)
Shades:*****(More than 80 shades)
Recommendations: A total must have for dramatic to subtle looks 

So that was all from me.
Hope you liked the review.
See ya next times

Cheeky Chic


  1. Hi!
    Just thought Id put in my 2 cents :)
    When it comes to the mirror and applicator - The Make Up Store does not spend much on packaging as all revenues go directly to the product itself and therefore they want to focus on quality of the product rather than packaging :)

    As for the usage - Make Up Store believes in the color concept - you don't have to lock yourself into thinking an eyeshadow is an eyeshadow. Many of my looks for example, I use Blushes and Eyeshadows and eyeshadows as blushes...I love love love the concept of being able to use whatever you want for whatever you need :)

    With that, hope I helped with confirming the right color for you! hugs xx

    1. Oh yes thank you so much for helping me with color decision.I couldnt have done it without you. With everything else top notch I would never mind not having an applicator or mirror . that was just a description note. Yup, you r right a multi functional product is always a plus. I loved it as bronzer.

  2. wao awesome n in the pics this eyeshadow is looking huge means bigger than mac eyeshadows if yes then its a great thing bcz u are getting more product from makeup store one's n plus u mentioned that the eyeshadow is pigmented so its a plus point too :)
    congratulations for having such an amazing product bcz agar money spend karnya ka baad stuff acha na ho tou i know it hurts

  3. such a pretty pretty color!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog hun. Now following you.


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