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Friday, 10 January 2014

Fully Loaded: Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs Long Lasting foundation SPF 15 in 360 Bisque N

Huloo to all lovelies out there,
Someone wise said if you really have to get something extraordinary in your makeup routine get an extraordinary foundation, no matter how much you have to spend on it.  Well, all due respect to this wisdom that makes us head to high-end brands. ,thus begins the story of mine, with Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs Long Lasting foundation SPF 15.

Many of you also have heard that the best a merchandise can look is in its own shelf. We are intensely attracted to it that no other thought comes to mind. Well, this was the case with me at Lancome's corner at  the famous Scarborough Town Center in Toronto. I was completely bedazzled by everything that was going on around, not a single high end brand wasn't up there. Glowing with all their enchanting glory I was super impressed beyond limits.
Lancome's Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs claimed to be hydrating and easy to apply and was Full coverage. What else a a dry-skinned girl could ask for. The biggest issue was the shade selection. So I asked the sales girl/woman to try some shades on me. POINTER, Never Trust The SA; the shade she gave me can be used for someone at least 4 tones higher than me. Now, why did I take it even after trying it on and looking at my face from 40 differnt angles. BEWARE, the shopping malls are full of  florescent lighting that does not at all show the best color in any case. The shade looked absolutely awesome on me and I was completely in love with how fabulous my skin looked; I couldn't leave it, could I?

It comes in a frosty glass bottle, that I won't really recommend for travelling; its kinda heavy and I like my foundations more in a tube than a bottle, but glass gives it a cool expensive look, sitting on your vanity.
The nozzle top actually is easy to use and pumps product out without any trouble.
Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs -360 Bisque N

The shade I have is no where near my skin tone; it is 360 Bisque N. It is neither Pink Nor Yellow rather somewhat Dusky Orange which I didn't understand; why would a shade that is for neutral skin be orange. I usually am NC 27-30 in MAC  Studio Sculpt which is an equally thick consistency foundation.
(R-L) MAC Studio Sculpt-NC 30
Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs-360 Bisque N
moisture suprême foundation-Vanilla Beige
A little thicker application and my skin looks a hoola girl's . So I am using it as Tinted Moisturiser, on a normal day; where I take the slightest bit, that would hardly cover one cheek(normally) and spread it all over my face through sponge. Now, this really shows how pigmented and full coverage it is that a smallest droplet goes over my whole face and gives a sheer tinted look. Imperfections are somewhat covered and the very minimal amount of product being used does not enhance the wrong shade selection.
The second important use that getting a darker shade can bring is to use it as a contour. Yes, this one proves to be the most pricey  contour cream that I may have. It does the job beautifully. Blends amazingly and keep my skin looking subtle.

Lancome's Teint Idol the Ultra 24 hrs gives reasonably matte, slightly dewy, fresh and healthy look as if nothing much is on it. The consistency of the foundation is thick and gooey that instantly tells you that its is a full coverage foundation and totally pigmented. 
Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs -360 Bisque N
 Though being a liquid foundation it is not at all runny and stays at a place which foresees it being long lasting.  The finish is matte in nature; looks natural when applied sparingly, is little too matte when applied in more than one layers. It goes on skin very smoothly, and blends in fantastically.
Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs -360 Bisque N
What more I liked about Lancome Idol Teint is that based on my research of it being suitable for dry skin, it is true to its word. My dry patches weren't enhanced. I was successfully able to use it in summer and winter. The whole finish and texture took my heart away. I used it both with and without primer, it gave good results either way. Overall, it really is everything one expects from a foundation; it covers up all very nicely. Thanks to that wise person who advised to go that way. Kudos!!

A lot of diffence jumps in when this foundation is multi-layered. Very first of which is the shade. Beware that the shade is gonna drastically change when you try to build coverage by layering up; it will oxidize, it is gonna go darker by two shades, no matter how well you blend it.

Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs -360 Bisque N
One Layer
Lancome Teint Idol Ultra 24 hrs -360 Bisque N
Two Layers
Moreover, the silky smooth finish, you are in awe of, will change into something a little dull. As well, dry skin that stays perfect till one layer won't be there any more. So be very careful when you buy it. Little bit goes a long way, so make sure when you get it, blend it really well. If you need more coverage, try that way by multi-layering, then decide your shade.

As long as the long lasting nature is concerned it did stay up for almost 7 hours without a setting powder. Since I do not have much oilier skin I do not always have to use a powder but am very sure it is at least gonna be there for 10-14 hours, not exactly what it claims but is a lot.
Since it oxidizes a little on multi layering make sure before getting your shade.

I would recommend dotting application through a foundation brush but needs blending through a sponge or by buffing through flat-top brush/kabuki. Being really pigmented, even a thin layer would do wonders. Usual moisturization and priming can be done for even better finish accordingly. For me I used it with mosturiser, without primer and it still worked perfectly.
It is priced at about USD $ 45 and CAD $50 at any Lancome counter an on their website as well. Totally worth it.
So thats all about it. It was a fairly lengthy piece that I so very needed to share.
Quality wise it is amazing but shade selection is a bit tricky.  Hope you will have a better luck than me. I so wish I had availed this one to its fullest. I still love it to never stop using it ever.
See you with another post.
Cheeky Chic


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