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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Return of a blogger with [MUA] Fabulous Everyday Star Cream

Hey everybody!!
Wassup Wassup?? It has been a been the longest time ever that I stayed away from blogging though I announced some time back that I will resume all the beauty ranting but them other chores of life budged in. Well, What not has happened during this big break. Esp with me coming across a lot of high-end product that took me to another level. We will sure talk about soon; there a whole night-long to do all the talkin', but as of now what I want to share is something I thought I didn't even think I needed, until I started using it. Since seeing is believing here is a look at MUA Fabulous Everyday Star Cream
[MUA] Fabulous Everyday Star Cream

Have a Look:
The cream comes in a squeeze tube with, get this, a trio roller on the top for a massage-like effect and maximum absorption. How cool is that! The packaging is quite sleek and there is no room for any leak or spill.
Star Cream-Applicator tip
At very first the tube looks like somewhat empty but the product is intact; the rollers don't let the serum out unless squeezed on will.

Have a View:
Though the product itself is called cream but it is a serum-like consistency that makes it a very clear potion.
Star Cream- Texture
The cream focuses on the areas of face where ageing appears most distinctly. That are the laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and the crow's feet (area beside each eye near temples). Those make a star on the face if adjoined through lines.No wonder its called "Star". It claims to not only fade away the lines but also lighten the tone of the specified areas.

Star Cream-Application

The serum is supposed to be directly put on these areas and tube is squeezed; the roller balls do the rest of the work. As told, it is like a serum that dries up within a minute after application during which a slight massage is done through the tube top i.e. roller balls. They ensure the product sinks in and is absorbed completely.

Star Cream-How to use
My initial thought is that the serum dries up to develop into a barrier that kinda controls the wrinkle from going intense while the formula helps in reducing their appearance and ofc lighten as it claims.
Best part is that like other cream of same sort there is no tingling or redness/irritation of skin no matter how how sensitive it is.
Star Cream-On spreading with rollers

Star Cream-Dried up
I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, in morning and at night, couple of days missed here n  there. But I sure am feeling an effect taking place. I have some pigmentation around my lip area that is decreasing at the spot where I used this cream. I reckon it is gonna take some more time to wash away the fine lines I might have trying to surface. I am diligently using to make it work to its best.
It is to be remembered that though being called a cream it doesn't have a cream texture. Which I kinda like I would not like a cream that I am using near my lips to get in my mouth by any chance. It sticks to it ground and does its job. The miniaturization nature should not be taken ass a key to using it beneath makeup, since it is sticky and won't do well with any makeup.
[MUA] Fabulous Everyday Star Cream is exclusively available with Wish Trend who accommodate international shipping with pleasure.
So, I am hoping great things from this one here and would sure like to keep you guys updated on the results I observe.

Cheeky Chic

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  1. That is the coooolest packaging I have ever seen ever for a cream! I'm so intrigued! haha
    love the concept of the star on the face too, seems like a lot of thought has gone into the design of this!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

    1. Thats right. This is innovative straight away and has a real attraction n concerned with skin care.

  2. great review dear and thanks for the visit dear and for the follow I am following you back keep in touch =)


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