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Friday, 7 February 2014

A much needed Glow: Benefit Watt's Up

Having a glowing skin is part of makeup routine. Lets see how Benefit Watt's up achieves it.

Benefit Watt's Up comes in a delightful and sturdy metallic purple blue packaging. The one at view here is the deluxe mini size that was a part of Sephora's Bestsellers and is also included in The Bronze of Champions Bronzing Iconic Kit. The packaging resembles that of an ordinary lipstick with soft creamy stick of highlighter rotating outwards.

Benefit Watt's Up
Benefit Watt's UpPackaging

As the name suggests it is a ' Soft Focus Highlighter' that targets to enlighten specific areas of face.
The color comes off as pale golden/ champagne-ish which is no where over the top.

Benefit Watt's Up

The finish is more frosty than glittery which I personally feel is preferable for a highlighter. Being creamy, it  blends very easily without any hassle. The pigmentation is as truthful of being from Benefit; a slight swipe of product goes long way.

I personally do not like my highlighter to be very golden so this one comes as a perfect choice: the result is subtle and classy sheen. I do not need to use any brush or sponge to apply it, some dabs across cheek bone, nose bridge, centre of forehead or below brow bone with a bit of blending do more than good. The full sized product comes with a sponge on the rear end that can be used for blending, for me fingers work the best.

Benefit Watt's Up
It does its job perfectly by reflecting and bringing the right areas of the face forward. I feel that it brings glow and life to the drab, monotone complexion especially after a full coverage foundation. I apply it when I am almost done with face so the sheen stays and comes off correctly. I love using it with or without other contouring products.
The color pay-off is literally like "WATTT!!!". It stays for quite a lot of time and  in place unlike others which merely disappear and leave a remainder of glitter behind.
Being non-glittery I have used it on formal events, weddings or on a casual get-together. It makes a wonderful soft yet effective highlighter all together that would compliment any tone. I am completely in love with this one here and cherish it as my prized possession.


  • The packaging is really sturdy.
  • The shade is soft and highlights very nicely.
  • I would use it any where I need to bring focus and glow.
  • It blends in skin very properly and stays for long time.
  • The pigmentation is commendable, little product spreads evenly.
  • The sheen is very infused, there are no chunks of glitter.
  • Though creamy it does not give an oily or greasy effect.Exclusively available at Sephora, Asos and other spots with Benefit Makeup range for $ 30-40.

So that was all from me about this fantastic product. Hope you liked it.

Cheeky Chic


  1. Nice review dear....xoxoxo....:)

  2. Ah-!! The mighty WATTS UP! I lovelovelove it! It has champagne color highlight that goes with our skintone.

  3. Hallo Ich bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen, und finde ihn richtig toll :) Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mir zu Folgen? Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch.


  4. love this! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know where you're following and I'll follow right back! x


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