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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dusting Eyes With Sparkle: NYC Sparkle Eye Dust Review

Girls Love glitter .. Eyes love them even more .Make them happy; Make them Sparkle
Hey Fellows,
Today I'm trying to make every eye shine with glitter by NYC Sparkle eye dust.

Product Details:
Well, the Sparkle eye Dust comes in a compact little jar.with a built in brush and a screw cap.All the powder is inside the jar which is totally covered except opening for brush.
NYC Sparkle Eye Dust- Casing
well, As much as we speak of the product , it has quite an impression . But it should not be mistaken for EYE SHADOW. It can be applied on clear skin but being very sheer, I've found It most Useful when applied Over color matched eyeshadow,esp as a highlighter.Just Dip the brush in and use it along the brow ,near the eye duct, or all over (If u can carry that shimmery look)

Now,  I have got two shades,Baby blue and 14 Karat Rose. Both of which are just amazing . Very well coverage ,subtle and manageable color .As I have told you the brush is kind of built -in .You can only use the dust with only that brush.No other brush can get  in(may be it can but why bother).The brush is very Friendly .It is not round and is actually straight, full of bristles,and smooth ,thus gives easy application.There is kinda of a hoop over the brush,which helps to hold it right.Another thing I liked about this product is that the dust cannot come out(unless You break it) so there is absolutely no chance of powder to get wasted.You can have as much powder as You need on brush ,which is almost minimal,as You are going to do only one sweep max. (since it is gonna be applied over another color)
NYC Sparkle Eye Dust-14  Karat Rose

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust-Baby Blue
I had initially thought that I'll have to do touch ups now & then , but surprisingly it stayed put,well I have tried it on for 5 hours and it was stil there.The product quantity is actually questionable, no doubt you need to use min. amount but it absolutely cannot be used each day ,It will drain out in that is actually a downside.For a person like me who doesn't use glitter unless it is an event ,It is quite an asset.

Quality:****1/2(sparkly &colorful ,as expected)
Price:***1/2(It is $4 as mentioned on official website. the product is in little quantity as compared to the jar)
Durability Through time:****(It stays intact,and doesn't change color with time)
Product Claims:****(says it has multi-reflective pearls I believe it has )
Shades:***1/2(Only 6 ,but can be used creatively)
Recommendation:****(Get it pronto)
Cheeky Chic

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  1. I bought some of these years ago...and loved them...I got some of the new spark eye dust that's in a tube and don't care for them...they have waaaay to much fall out :(


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