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Monday, 12 September 2011

Lets get peachoral:Farmasi true color lipstick(305)

Okay fellows, today I am sharing my lip product which I use for daily wear because of its sheer coverage and not-so-bold color. A daily look essential

PRODUCT DETAILS:It is a light coral lipstick with peachy udertones  that has a luster to it which makes it shine yet subtle enough to wear any day, anytime.I actually am fan of those cosmetics which are suitable for daily usage and aren't very bright, yet they modify and tune your face to bring out its beauty without being an eye candy. This lipstick suits my purpose faithfully. I can wear it anytime specially at day time without looking very pin up. Of course it can bring up more glamorous look, with more coats but it solely depends on user.

Well, it is an ideal color, gives very nice coverage and spreads evenly. Another aspect which I like a lot was that despite being a light shade, it doesn’t fade or darkens for a long time . it has a sweet taste to it , which urges to smack it at times. Something which bothered me a little is that the stick itself not very  soft. That is, it is a little hard to build up the color. But that also makes the it super economical i.e. no color is goes in vain.I often use some lipgloss over it, esp  e.l.f super glossy lipgloss in goddess which gives it smoothness and enhances the color. In spite of everything else ,I love the color. It was very hard to find such a shade and it is definitely an apple of my eye.
(In light)
Quality:***1/2(I really get annoyed when the lipstick gives me hard time application)
Price:****(Price as compared to the product is color is satisfactory ,and as I said it doesn’t get wasted at all .More than 50 applications)
Durability Through Time:*****(that’s a five starrer, neither wears off  nor changes color)
Product Claims:****1/2(Well it says TRUE COLOR ,It stays true to its color come what may)
Availability: ***1/2(Only at a store with Farmasi’s product line)
Shades:*****(32 colors in all)
Recommendations:****(If  you like the color,don’t miss it at all,I didn’t)
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