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Monday, 12 September 2011

Love color blending?? Try e.l.f super glossy lipgloss

 e.l.f super glossy lip gloss
Left to right:Candlelight,Pink Kiss,Goddess,Angel
Hey Friends so I am here with the review of my absolutely favorite products E.l.f  Super Glossy Lipgloss.
PRODUCT DETAILS:Well, First of all they are in a pretty simple tube, Like You may have seen by many other brands. Simple packaging and Easy squeezing tube with angled edge top as opening for gloss to come out.

The first thing you are going to notice is that they are in really good quantity , Unlike those glosses which come in containers with wands to apply with , and you don’t actually know how much product is inside unless they are finished . Now I had started using these glosses almost  5 years back , and have been getting them every time any tube is about to get empty. Believe me I have purchased them only 3 times in 5 years, and I use them almost all the time, Cool huh?.The have  a real sweet taste to them which is something like vanilla. You may find it tempting to smack your lips often (well, I do smack a lot).They really stay for a good period of time but some may find them a little sticky if applied in 3-4 coats. Well, of course its the sticky one that stays the longer. They  don’t need any touch ups for 3-4 hours. They are really pigmented and have absolute gorgeous color, with a real gloss and shine to them.

(Left:Goddess directly on skin
Middle:Candle light directly on skin
Right: Goddess Over Farmasi true color 305)
The first one I have is Goddess; It is a little coral with lightest pink undertone. That makes it absolutely gorgeous. I have applied it on naked lips as well with Faramasi True color lipstick in 305 and Luscious super moisturising lipstick in candy pink ,Looked beautiful each time.

Pink kiss is like shade of pale strawberry milkshake. It is not a bright color at all but is almost like nudey  baby pink. I love it becoz it gives such a natural color to lips which suit me when I go with Smokey eye look: light lips and Dark eyes. I have also used it over some bright color pink lipsticks to minimize their shade. Like Nyc’s Firefly .The result was total gorgeous lips
(Bottom:Pink Kiss direct on skin,
Middle:Over NYC's Firefly
Top: NYC original shade)

Candlelight is nude lip gloss dream come true. It is a marvellous shade with pale peach undertones which make it an ideal nude shade. Wanna make a brown color lipstick go nude??Apply a layer of this gloss over lipstick or even lip pencil and blend. It will look amazing. Or apply it direct for sheer lips. I have used it over Arico’s lipstick in 110.Looked super. Another choice for Smokey look.
(Top:Arico 110,
Middle:with candlelight,
Bottom:Candlelight direct on skin)
(Candlelight Indoor)
Angel is a sheer transparent shade, with diamond sparkles to it;I actually have lost it tube so I can’t give you its swatch. You can see it in photo on top with other tubes.It can be used over any other lip color or even lip pencil. Will go great on clear lips too.
Quality: ****1/2(They are of nice quality, good quantity,sweet smelling and tasting, sheer coverage, doesn’t clump. A fine product)
Price: ***** (I will give them total marks becoz they are an absolute deal. The product is really full of itself; gives more than 50 applications)
Product Claims: ****1/2(It claims to have SPF 15 but I have really tried that well, otherwise, it is everything it claims: good glow, scent, and color)
Durability Through Time :****(As I said it is a little sticky when applied  in more than 2 coats but it stays through time. It might darken very little, after 3-4 hours but almost every product has some effect after long time)
Availability :***(Only to those shops which carry e.l.f brand or from online stores offering e.l.f line)
Shades :****(It has only 10 shades ,4 of which I have reviewed? I wish it were more)
Recommendations:****1/2 (Have it ,Own it ,Love it )
So that is all.
Hope you liked it.
Cheeky Chic


  1. hey you are challenging sleek pout paints.... innovative post

  2. Thanx there .. I've shared what i had experienced with these glosses,And i dont need to say again >>they work wonders

  3. Nice post :)

  4. i am using pink kiss and its lovely shade, want to try goddess and candlelight too,they r looking good


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