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Monday, 26 September 2011

Pink & shimmery??Wat a treat:Clarity Diamond Lipstick in 123

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This is another  Lip product's review ..Check it out 

Pink has been close to girls' heart in like forever.Nothing looks more natural and amazing to lips than pink shade.Since I always like to go for natural looks as possible ,Pink lipstick have been my first preference ever. The lipstick im putting out today is Clarity Diamond lipstick in 123.

Know It!!

It is a very medium /pale pink shade.Normally pink lipsticks have brown or orange undertone like NYC's firefly but this ones stick to pink faithfully.As the name suggests it is diamondy.I use this term often but there is a difference between Sheer(kinda glossy) ,Sparkle-y/Shiny(kinda frosty) and Shimmery (kinda Diamond-y) . This  one offers  sparkle and shimmer both at a time.Not only does it contain diamond like shimmer but is quite shining too.
It comes in a metallic casing which is kinda different thing.

Use it!!
Well, As you might have noticed in my last lip product review , I often mix and match product to bring down the shade .Well,This is an absolutely perfect pink for me , neither very bright (BIG No to screaming out colors) nor very light ( doesn't go with  my olive wheaty skin tone).Pink in bright shade looks over the edge  at times.But due to its lustrous nature I often apply a sheer transparent lipgloss over it .That clashes the frost and gives me sheer pink lips.
The  lipstick itself is pretty creamy after applied , but the stick sometime you have to apply more than one swipes.

The shimmer is not in form of bright particles and clusters  that sometimes surround around the lip area.It is more like there is sparkle within which makes it a good product.

Like it!!
Cuz .
It has subtle and medium  pink shade.
It is creamy 
It has shimmer enough to it to make it glamorous. 
It can be used to undertone other bright pink shades.
Leave it:
It is a little hard to apply at times.
It may give a dull over all impact if worn alone without  all face makeup
It is not that glossy/sheer.
Not an ideal lipwear for night time.
Gets a little dry when stays applied for a long time

Quality:***1/2(It  is a good product,creamy,colorful &shimmery)
Price:***(I reckon it is not that much long lasting as one needs to do more swipes)
Product Claims:****(It has diamond nature as claimed)
Durability Trough Time:****(stays good for a good time,color remains intact too)
Availability:***(Haven't found Clarity cosmetics that often)
Recommendations:***1/2(Get it if u like the color and the shimmer above all)

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