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Monday, 10 October 2011

BugsLock Mosquito repellent:Stay Free of Mosquitos

Hi girls!! I have come here with a rather small review of this awesome product I have come across last month .
Well as much as there a fear of Dengue,I tried to use different stuff to keep myself away from mosquitoes.My hubby has never been a fan of mosquito repelling products ,no matter how good they claim to be.He just does not go near anything which advises him to apply it on bare skin.So he searched for something which, other than coils and mosquito mats, could provide secure environment even when someone leaves the house for outside strolling.And he came across these bands. 
They are made of stuff which has mosquito repelling elements infused in either you have to wear it on hand or foot and the mosquitos stay away for a good lot of time.
Let me tell you some more features:

  • They keep mosquitoes away even when you are outside of your house.Say near plants or a lake
  • They do not harm the skin at all are are good enough for baby's skin.(see certificate below)
Certified Safety for Skin
  • They can be worn on hand or foot or just keep them near body, hanging them from your shoulder bag.
  • They do not have some nasty smell with them which the mats and coils have.
  • They are multi colored so no one is even gonna know if you are wearing something other than that it is a hand band.

  • They stay effective for 48 hrs and you can store them in the zip lock pouch they come in after you have used can re use them anytime afterwards

Ziplock pouch
  • They can be used for other bugs too if needed.
  • I have personally tried and testes these,and they do keep mosquitoes away.You can visit other sources/reviews if you want to.
  • I don't know if they are available at retail outlets,but if anyone is interested I can send them at Rs.150/- for pack of 5.I have a limited stock.First come First serve
Contact me here or at I can inform you about delivery details.
Cheeky Chic


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