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Monday, 10 October 2011

My online venture with

Hey fellas!! let me tell u my tale of loss, hope ,co-operation and relief.

I am making it sound the jourey of life but actually it is just an order placed on much famous online store nowadays
Let me start from the first time I heard and visited it.Well it was just after Eid and It really struck me with happiness to see an online makeup store in Pakistan ..BRAVO..I scrolled impatiently and within minutes came to the conclusion that the site offered high class cosmetics. Mostly the most expensive and extravagant brands are available. Makeup brands like e.l.f,Mua (it was not present then) ,Milani,NYX,Wet and wild  and NYC which are affordable yet good in quality were not there. Whereas Christian dior,Bobbi brown,M.A.C,NARS,Coastal scents,Urban Decay,Barry M,are in abundance. Yet some of the brands which are already available in cosmetics store in Pakistan Like Rimmel,Revlon,Maybelline ,Oriflame,Burjois and Covergirl are also in some of the categories.There are also some brands which were unknown to me before I ventured into there sites like beauty UK ,collection 2000 and Sleek.

What I really liked about was that their delivery and Payments option are more than one.So at the end of the day there is atleast one way you can opt for.You can pay either in bank ,through Easy paisa or on delivery if you are from Karachi.You can even go to their store and order it directly from there.For more details see here.

Another thing which I liked about them is that they have really put an effort  to select the products which are really hyped nowadays. And makeup addicts are ready to pay an arm and a leg for those.Any good product you have heard from a fellow are certainly gonna find it on

What I found a bit dis appointing was that the prices for products were nearly as much as you’d order from any other online store be it an international delivery. 
Below is an example list for you to see:
There are of course some prices that are acceptable so I have highlighted them with green, & those which are really high are highlighted with Red.Those I couldn't decide if they are at proper price are highlighted in Yellow.

I have mentioned the price in USD/GBP and then converted it in to PKR and then that offered by J4G.

 I have opted for those products which offer international delivery.

Rimmel longlasting lipstick $5.19 -  Rs.452 - @J4G Rs. 1099(random source so I don't exactly know if thats legit)
International Delivery charges: Rs.1178

Sleek I divine palette in storm $10- Rs.872-@J4G Rs. 1595
Sleek I divine in sunset $10 -Rs.872 -@J4G Rs.1299
Sleek I divine in acid $10- Rs.872- @J4G Rs.1495
Sleek I divine in oh so special  $12.60- Rs.1046- @J4G Rs. 1650
Sleek I divine in Bad girl $ 10- Rs.872- @J4G Rs.1595
Sleek blusher    $6.50 - Rs.567 -@J4G Rs. 999
Sleek pout polish $6.50 - Rs.567 @J4G Rs.999
Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer $10 -Rs.872 -@J4G Rs.1600 

Rest of the world Delivery charges :Rs.940

Eyeliner £1.99 –Rs.270- @J4G Rs.500
Concealer £2.49- Rs.338- @J4G Rs.550
Lust Lip gloss £2.99- Rs.405-@J4G Rs.500
Shatter nail polish £2.99 - Rs.405-@J4G Rs.650
Compact facepowder £2.99 - Rs.405-@J4G Rs.650
Beauty uk  blusher £3.29 - Rs.446 -@J4G Rs.750
Bronzing pearl £3.29  - Rs.446 -@J4G Rs.650
Strippy blusher £3.29 - Rs.446 -@J4G Rs.750
Strippy Bronzer £3.29 - Rs.446 -@J4G Rs.750
Beauty uk lipstick £3.49 - Rs.473 -@J4G Rs.600
Eye shadow quad £ 3.49 - Rs.473 -@J4G Rs.690
Pearl eyeliner £3.49 - Rs.473-@J4G Rs.500
Matte foundation £3.49- Rs.473- @J4G Rs.650
Bronzing palette £3.79 - Rs.514 - @J4G Rs.790
Baked eye shadow £3.99 – Rs.540- @J4G Rs.650
Baked blusher £3.99 - Rs.540 -@J4G Rs.750
Eye shadow palette £3.99- Rs.540- @J4G Rs.750

Considering the time saved ,and the delivery charges which will be applied from ,It is entirely up to a person if they want to go ahead.Plus if you just want to buy an item or two, Just4girls is more beneficial.

My criteria of selection:

This being said I very carefully managed to select things which I really needed and they were in my budget. It was kind of a trial order.Being my fist ever online order to place I was super careful though many online shoppers rated it 9/10.

I managed to find two deals: A Collection 2000’s eye shadow trio(with free C2000 lipstick) in Caspian Grey and other Revlon’s natural radiance soothing eye primer, Which I totally wanted to have.I didn’t need the eye shadow but with a free lipstick it sounded good. Plus there was a ravishing greenish grey color which is my all-time fav. This cost me Rs.850 plus 200 deliver charges to ISB

Order Procedure:
I received an e mail the very next hour confirming the order and telling to wait for a telephone call to proceed with payment. I had planned to pay through bank account, the call came very next day and I paid promptly and that was confirmed .It was a Saturday and I received the package Tuesday next week. It is supposed to be the next day delivery but the pack was dispatched on Monday .It still was quite quick. 

Behold my first order with heart break :

I was literally trembling when I signed the delivery box and the first thing I noticed was the rocking object inside it .I got suspicious right then. I tore open the packing tape and envelope inside. BLAM!!! It was littered with most beautiful eye shadow powdered all over  and I felt something broke in my chest. The fine powder was not only stuck inside the envelope but it also had a film over the lipstick and the primer. There was also invoice and a promotional key chain included.


I emailed the instantly with images of broken item. They replied me back at once in a flat denial of any recovery saying it is the courier’s fault .I blamed myself for this loss no matter how minimal it was and thanked God for not going for something entirely expensive. I replied them back explaining that it was a packaging mistake. If they had made the envelope secure with a bubble wrap or just cello taped it to the bottom, it wouldn’t have moved inside the box to damage the item. J4G people were  still in refusal saying this was as much secure as they could get as they opted for a box instead of mere an envelope. I told them it was no use if the packet was not safe inside box either. 
Finally they understood what exactly the problem was and agreed to refund the money. That was a gust of breeze, but I could not believe until it happens. I contacted them again next day asking for any advancement. They asked for my bank account details and I had the money in my account by the end of next day. Phew!!

The products:

I had kept the eye shadow and the free lipstick intact in case they ask for a return. Two portions of the trio were all in clusters

It was then I decided to give this lipstick in giveaway. As it was not my place or right to keep it. It is a lovely brown color which is one of my favorites though it was random as I was not given the choice to select the shade.
Moreover none of the products were sealed or even in a plastic paper wrapping.Like normally cosmetics are.which really surprised me when I saw them at first. I am not doubting the source as they swore again and again that everything is genuine ;I believe them.

All is well that ends well…:

So all in all the J4G did apologize for the inconvenience caused and  their positive response really impressed me to heart. It was really cooperative of them to go to these measures and refund me in due time. As refunding in Pakistan is really a hard nut to crack so online it seems impossible, but as delivered items are more prone to damage ,there should be an active return policy going on.

It made me really conscious about online shopping for the fuss it created esp when J4G refused to do anything in first place. I even cancelled my order on newly born e.l.f Pakistan website and re did it with no solid items.

That was the account of my first online venture.
Hope it taught you a lesson to be determined and careful while shopping online.
Has anything happened to you un-expectantly??
Do share
Cheeky chic


  1. well that sounds very un-proffessional..

  2. That is very surprising! I was hearing good reviews about it all around, but I believe if the customers aren't treated well, then the company just isn't worth it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience :)

  3. As you said all is well that ends well. You have no idea how lucky you are that they refunded your money. Your experience sounds like heaven compared to what I went through with

  4. That actually is the basic reason why I posted this review.We should observe both sides of the coin.
    @pandora's are absolutely right ..refunding money is just a big fuss and mess.good thing is that they did it afterall

  5. the same thing happened to me also, they did not pack my beauty uk pallet plus shatter nail polishes well, same zebra print envelop were moving freely in couriers box, and the result was damaged eye shadow, they are not cooperative at all, and just said sorry, do not replace my damaged pallet, very disappointing 

    and about elf, they are great people, they reply any query very quickly, with patience ;-), very cooperative i must say and recently when i told them my lipstick was broken, they immediately give me gift voucher code, and for the packaging although my items were packed in just plain zipbag, they were secure because of their original packaging is so good and secure. So don’t worry and place the order.

  6. Thank u so much Cyma ..for encouraging me.u should ask J4g ppl for refund.tell them the whole case & stick to it no matter what.they had sent me a sorry mail too & said they wont do anything but i emailed them regularly til they themselves proposed to refund.
    e.l.f are good but i have read at their site that they too have "no return/refund policy".I placed an order with them at 4/10&they shipped... just right now when i was replying to this comment ..everything is perfectly fine .YAYYYY

  7. i did't have much time to argue with them at that time, i was very busy, but elf people are much better than just4girls. do u have facebook page?

  8. great comparison, you are right when u want to buy less JFG is ok, (if u r lucky receive the items in one piece ;-) but if u wanted to order in bulk and u have the time its better to order from the company, when i order my items i have calculated everything just like u :-)

  9. Wow that sounds very shocking because all my experiences have been great with them!


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