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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lets Know the Face:Hard Candy Face Facts kit.

Hello Ladies
I am today going to review an item which I myself was excited about. I bring to you Hard Candy Face Facts kit.

Know it!!

This kit offers three baked eye shadows, one blusher and bronzer duo along with a small eye shadow primer. There is an eye shadow applicator and a blusher  brush along.

Hard Candy Face Facts kit.

All of them are enclosed in a pretty “cheap” packaging. The kit actually a card box which has a flimsy plastic palette inside that holds all items. The transparent lid gives a glimpse of products inside and has a magnetic closure.
Hard Candy Face Facts kit-Packaging

This kit is normally known for  sampling three full sized products from Hard Candy:
Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope baked Eye Shadows.
Hard Candy “Blush Crush” Blusher.
Hard Candy “So Baked” Bronzer.
Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer.
 As I have told you that packaging is less than ordinary in every way. I mean, I never had an idea this would come is such poor compact. From outside it looks almost fine abut inside the product is held in flimsy plastic case. Apparently it looks like that the outer box is just packaging and would have to be discarded when inner compact is taken out but it cannot stand on its own without the box which offers a magnetic closing chip to hold it together. All in all I had pretty poor expectations from whatever was inside.

Use it!!

 Hard Candy Kal-eye-descope baked Eye Shadows

On swatching eye shadows are metallic and partly shimmery whereas the Grey/silver  one is little more glittery than other two. I was quite glad to see that they were quite pigmented, at least more than I had expected of.

The first Eye Make up that I did with these shadows was kind of a mess. Everything was falling apart. There was shimmer on my nose bridge and even on temple. The shades had kind of mixed up together and were not showing up. This was pretty disappointing so my verdict was that there should be an eye primer to hold them together. I somewhere had heard that Hard Candy eye shadow primer was not much of a good so I tried using my Revlon Vital radiance Eye Primer. The result was still the same .They would either fall off the eye or would eventually not show up and it would only look like a glittery eyeball. Now was the time to use original Hard Candy Eye shadow Primer which had come along. It was an immense surprise to see that it suited them perfectly.  The eye shadows stayed intact and were a lot more vivid than earlier experiences. They won’t try to merge into each other in name of blending and were not as glittery as they had earlier proved to be.
Hard Candy Face Facts kit
Baked Eye shadow swatches
Above: Over Hard Candy Primer
Below: Direct on skin

This is a look I had created using this palette:

See HERE for more
This was all because of the Primer, which is actually a mini sized product.  It is a white product which being light first looks like a normal moisturizer. It has the qualities which a moisturizer doesn’t possess. On blending it gives a translucent to transparent effect and soon it kind of thickens and dries out
Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer in Hard Candy Face Facts kit.

Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer inHard Candy Face Facts kit.-SIZE
The eye shadows that were applied over are supposed to be dabbed on instead of swept along. It did all a primer is supposed to do; hold product intact, helps shades show vividly and even makes blending easy. Al in all I loved this primer and am planning on getting a full sized on as soon as I get the opportunity.

Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer.Swatch

Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer - Swatch on applying

Hard Candy Eye Shadow Primer -Swatch on blending

Hard Candy Face Facts kit
Baked Eye shadow swatches
Above: Over Hard Candy Primer
Below: Direct on skin

The Baked Blusher-Bronzer duo is also a great product.
Hard Candy “So Baked” Bronzer(Left)
Hard Candy “Blush Crush” Blusher.(Right)
 in Hard Candy Face Facts kit.
Blusher is Pearly Peachy-Pink shade. It is well pigmented and is blended super easily. I have loved blending it with mere fingertips. This way it stays more, sheen and shade are more obvious too.

Swatches:Hard Candy “Blush Crush” Blusher.(Above)
 Hard Candy “So Baked” Bronzer.(Below)

Baked Bronzer is Apricot Golden shade which has same texture as Blusher; Super easily blended and has proper amount of pearly sheen. It is a kind of bronzer that gives face a kind of glow instead of sucking it down.
Hard Candy “Blush Crush” Blusher & “So Baked” Bronzer.

Hard Candy “Blush Crush” Blusher & “So Baked” Bronzer.

Both Blusher and Bronzer can easily be used as cheek bone or Brow highlighter.
The applicators which come along are good for nothing items. Blusher Brush is just useless carries no product and is extremely stiff bristles. The eye shadow applicator is too small to hold and is also rough on touch.
Blush Brush in Hard Candy Face Facts kit.
With exception of packaging and accessories included, this proved to be an impressive palette. Though it extremely puts me off whenever I see it lying there in that “box” but still I like it being a part of my vanity.
Like it !!

It has super pigmented shades.
All shades are pearly/ shimmery.
It comes with an eye shadow primer.
It is sleek.
It is at affordable price.
Leave it!!
Eye shadows tend to fall/fade out without primer.
The packaging is very poor
Brush and applicator are useless.
It is not ideal for travelling.
Quality: ***1/2 (Good pigmentation, nice colors, and stays well)
Price: **** (Sold @$5 )
Product Claims: ***1/2 (“Makes Perfect face” but not perfect for carrying)
Durability Through Time: *** (Eye Shadows stay for a good time with primer, Blusher/Bronzer for well enough time too)
Availability: *** (It was limited product)
Recommendations: Take it if you only wanna try it for low price
So that was all.
Hope u liked it.
Cheeky Chic


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  2. very cute colors, love the outcome of the look

  3. Nice review, very useful!
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  4. That was a great thorough review.Nice products, too b ad about the packaging. I love the blush/bronzer on you.

  5. Great review. Love the eye make up you created with the kit.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a fantastic review! I think Hard Candy have a lot of really great products, and also some ones that I am not as fond of. Definitely appreciated this review. I love how shimmery the shadows look!

  7. Bad or cheap packaging always turns me off. Such an honest review (:

  8. Thanks a bundle ladies for liking it..always feel great.

  9. I loved ur look...Its unfortunate the packaging n brush could have been better...But overall the product looks gud...Nice review.. :)
    Keep Smiling ^_^
    M followin u..Hope u visit my blog and follow me if you like =)
    The Sweet Life

    1. Thanks for liking the review.
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  10. I love the kit. Looks cute.
    Nice review dear. ☺

  11. Awesome colors! I love metallic!

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  12. the packaging sucks + a mess. it looked so beautiful on it just shows everything isnt pretty!

    1. Even when I had it in my hands it looked good before oening.. Its after you open,You get surprised


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