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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Join me ..Again!!!(Updates)

There are some updates I wanted to share with you desperately. First of all I have reached the landmark of 300+ Followers..which is a greaaat news for me. It has been 4  months since I started this effort of mine and had no idea it will become so a part of my life.  I am really grateful to find such amazing friends here that support and boost my spirit and confidence to do more.:)
As a matter of fact it strikes me as a surprise that I have not yet reviewed a single sampled product yet..Everything which you see here has been bought by me myself... What kind of statement is that..Don't know how should I feel about that.:/ So I was advised to promote my blog through other sources available.
Thus, as I need to expand my circle I have finally developed my facebook page and it is open to be joined for everyone. You can click the button on sidebar or See HERE to join me there.

Then I have also reached 100+ posts this month too which was something I was waiting for some time now. 
 As great a news is that , My blog also managed to bag 15000+ Total Page views.Yay... I have been keeping a tab on views this month and each hundred brought a spark of joy.
So that was all this month ..There some great products to be reviewed in line..Will get to them soon
Stay tuned..
Cheeky Chic


  1. Hi, thanks for the visit! :) I like your blog and I follow u back! :) I hope that you visit me often xoxo

  2. Yay !! congratulations for you.. Your blog is awesome !!!

  3. Congratulations for those 300 followers!
    I'm following you now :)

    Happiness Everywhere♥

  4. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome. You definitely deserve it.

    And in fact, I'm following you now. I'd be flattered if you could follow me too :)
    Pose Posh Post

  5. Omg congratulations! I'm still struggling with 30 followers, but I really don't mind. I'm honored to have even that number of people following me (:

  6. Great job girl...following u immediatly myself;)
    follow me back?:P



  7. congrats on reaching 300 hun! may you have many many more to come!

  8. Congratulations hon! may I know your name cheeky? :)May you have a thousand more followers and may your blog thrive :)

    1. Aww!Thanx a bundle girl for these well wishes..XOXO..Should I mail u my name.:P..:D

  9. Thanks all of u ladies for these kind words. Each of u means a world to me..<3..Grateful for ur being here..And Most welcome to new fellas!! xx

  10. congrats!! how exciting ;-)

  11. Congrats! Thats so exciting!

  12. Hi, I have just discovered your blog and am now following, please check mine out and follow if you like it:-)

  13. congratulations. Blogging is definitely hard work. I realize this myself as blogging has become my life. Well that plus going on my crazy journey of extreme couponing.

    Your blog is amazing and really well written. Thanks for all of the great review especially for all of the elf products. I am a big fan of them!

    I am now a new follower.


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