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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Some No-No to "O Yeah!!"

Hey fellow beauties!!
 I am sharing with you today a rather personal post. My self imposed restrictions which subdued one by one with my progress in to beauty world. this might give you a beauty lesson after all.:P
I was not much of an experimenting soul for most part of my life but lately for a last couple of years I have come across some really great revelations about myself. Well, I am kind of a sensitive person who used to drop or pick up a habit and stick to it without even trying the contradictory situation. So this is a story of all my those practices that I had adopted for myself and won't budge until I tried unwillingly/ accidently one day and thought.. "Hey!! that wasn't so difficult."

"Comb"ing Hair Oh No!!

 Some how I always thought that a comb will never sort my hair out the way a brush does. I will face more hair breakage since hair is super fine. One time I just forgot my brush home and with a twitched mouth tried a comb. and believe me! I  am sticking to that same comb for past 7 years. I don't know if it is un hygenic but  I have never heard of discarding a comb/brush after some time.I wash, Cleanse, Sanitize and Dry it with special care. Like my face brushes. I know I got out of a habit and stuck to another but it seemed nice to come out of a misunderstanding about combs.

Never Washing Hair in Morning!!

As much as I am reluctant to wash my head normally, I never washed it in morning for early 20 years of my life. It felt so irritating trying to cope with wet hair when you already have to deal with getting up early.
I would wash it before sleeping at night even if would be at midnight or just roll it in a bun without washing and go with it. This one came to an end when I stepped in to professional life,and could not really ignore any aspect. I tried once and surprisingly my hair got dry within 15 minutes(Yes, That was summer). From then onwards I never objected to wet my hair any time of the day.

Bright Shades ..Hell, No!!

I am of wheatish complexion so I always though that bright shades will some how not suit me well. I would rather go for pastel or dark shades. That would really bring my selection to limited number of colours.I still remember my class mates asking me why I wore same shades each day. I would practically envy all those who could wear Scarlet, Deep Orange, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yolk Yellow or even Black. And thought it was totally out of my book. Since my wedding day, when I carried Pink and Red with all glamour, this reluctance to wear bright shades just wore off. Can any one believe that a full black dress I wore for the first time in my life was when I was 22? Well, now each piece of fabric I own has a bright color in it, at times in combination with lighter shades.But I feel more vibrant and full of life wearing those shades.

Brown Only Please:

Another  theory I used have in mind was that only Lip colors with brown undertones will match me. Be it Burgundy, Maroon or Plum they have to have a brown tone to them . Using a lighter shade was totally out of bounds. There was a time when I would only search for brown lipstick at a counter and would completely ignore Pinks,Nudes Reds or Corals. This idea came off me when I by chance came across an article which suggested that pink and other shades go very well with olive skin tones. About that time I received some goodies from my aunt. They were all lighter shades which I resented first but when applied( just to try them) they became first empties of life. I have so gotten habitual of lighter shades now that my collection mostly consists of Peach, Pinks and Nudes with exception of one or two Reds and Violets for formal evenings. This selection gives me a fresh & natural look which if a rocker for me.

A Close Sweater is A Close end:

I never used to wear a close sweater  like jumpers which do not have zip or button and have to be worn all the way through head. Well ,I just hated the way they are put on; squeezing head though neck hole and not to be able to take it off as easily as zippers. It was just that I found some really amazing cardigans and could not resist getting them. Once put on I realised that unlike my persistent thoughts these are as good as other kind. Of course wearing an open one would me far less hassle esp when one has to go in and out- door randomly but stil closed aren't that bad to banished entirely. So since then I never have discriminated any of them.

So these were all my bad habits which were quite annoying to people around me. I managed to shrug off most of them. The key is to experiment things, there is a lot out there which we may miss afterwards. There are still some which hold me tight, though I know they are pointless but they have become a part of my life. Lets see how long they take to get off the bus.

Somethings I am stil holding to:
Not using a bronzer.
Avoiding foundation.
Using (ONLY) my fav. comb for de-tangling hair.
Not wearing heels (Yes! thats true)
Regarding jewellery as chains and shackles (Sorry Girlies!)

Hope you enjoyed the post.
See Ya again
Cheeky Chic
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  1. nice post, thanks for sharing

  2. It's funny because i dislike the lipstick colors you dig, but love bright colors haha :) funny how fashion choices can vary from one to another.



    1. I only have limited my choice. else i wear almost everything..just like pinks/corals and nudes better:)

  3. We all have so many preconceived ideas that we repeat year after year.It's only when we break our own set of rules that we get pleasantly surprised.Loved reading this post.

  4. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following. I'm now following yours. :)

  5. Nice post! Really enjoy reading your blog!

    Check out my blog! I always follow back my readers :)

    Xoxo, Maya

  6. Nice photo and nice blog!
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  7. Neat post! I have never worn a lipstick shade that is brownish-hued but I can see it looking nice. I am freckly/reddish sort of hair colour so I've always gone for bright and fun colours like corals as my lipstick colours and I shy away from anything dark or beige.

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. wow!! what an interesting post! loved reading it=))
    hey! even im of wheatish complexion Nd i avoid bright colors too =P

    1. I love bright shades to use only that I dont wear them every other try them out too

  9. Thank you so much for following me & following you back in return =)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  10. Great post! I cant believe you are so skeptical when it comes to trying and experimenting. You got one life you should rather try every dam thing. Hehe. I am like that :)


    1. You r right, I was so doubtful about everything a while back , but I definitely am becoming a more flexible soul now :P

  11. I feel that way about jewelry, too. I still wear it, but I take it off immediately when I get home XD

  12. That was interesting post we all get such habits and then v can break them ourselves when v try the skipped option I normally have them in eating or liking a particular taste. check out my blog too :)


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