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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Its Prime time: e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer

Hi ladies,
Once again I am back after a little break but with some new products to review. The first of which is a long awaited by me myself. E.l.f ‘s eyelid primer in sheer.

Know it!!
 The product comes in an ordinary lip gloss like container with sponge doe foot tip. The bottle seems extremely light and contrary to my belief, I could testify that it carries less than expected product inside, before opening it like many of el.f ‘s other Essential/$1 products.
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer -Container

Use it!!
I wanted to have this product for a long time especially since I heard that it is continuously compared to UDPP. I have not used that either so this was the nearest I could get in lieu of UDPP.
As I have mentioned above, the bottle doesn’t hold a lot product.  This statement is strengthened once the wand is brought out as the bottle is quite narrow as well. But on the contrary I have needed to use the minimal quantity than any other primer.  Little really goes a long way. A few dabs on each eye can do all the work needed, that nearly compensates its being light and makes it more of a compact product.
The formula is very light and is super easily blended with finger tips. When I compare it to other primers I have used, the Revlon Vital Radiance one used to have a cream-like feeling and Hard Candy eye primer had a kind of moisturiser-like texture to it on first look.  This one on the other hand has a light lotion like touch to it which makes it easy to spread out and ends up giving a nude-ish film, sheer film over skin.
After blending, the skin shows a little balanced hue than areas around which makes it similar to Revlon Vital Radiance eye Primer.  Yet unlike others I do not have to wait for it to sink in. The light formula does not bring any extra ordinary changes to skin texture like making it shimmery, frosty, oily or dry, evens out smoothly, and is ready within seconds to apply eye shadow on.  All in all it only makes the skin tone right and ready without over doing it.
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer - Swatch
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer- On Blending
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer- After Blending
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer- Shimmery Shadows Applied Successfully
As a primer it did the job quite successfully. I normally encounter dark areas around my eye which sometimes give the impression as if I have applied a brown eye shadow around. This makes it very difficult to apply light color over so my first try was to use it with light pearly shades. That went pretty much as was expected. Shadows were easily applied. I feel no extra dryness or stickiness and it does not crease at all. The finish of shadows remained intact as well and they blended in to each other absolutely fine to quite a good lot of time.
e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer- On eye Lid with
Light color, Matte eye Shadows
I also used it with the light color matte eye shadow that I have and I was glad to see that the shade sustained for quite a good bit of  time.
I really wish it were more product offered. But I am okay with what it provides with price tag of $1and I am definitely going to stock it.
Like it
It balances out skin tone.
Eye shows are easily applied over.
Shades stay intact for good time.
There is no heaviness felt on lids.
It blends extremely well.
Very little product is needed.
The case is very compact.
Leave it!!
It carries less amount of product than expected.
Quality: *****( smooth finish, easily blended, natural texture, keeps shades intact)
Price: ***** ( Quite a catch: @$1 / £1.5/Rs.170/Rs.220)
Product Claims: *****( “preps” is “smooth”,”long lasting”, “Crease Proof”, ”nude”, ”sheer”, ”lightweight” and “absorbs quickly”)
Durability Trough Time: ****1/2(Does work up to 6-8 hrs)
Availability:  **** (at many drug and online stores: $1 @ e.l.f US, £1.5 @ e.l.f UK,Rs.170/- @e.l.f Pak, Rs.220/- HERE)
Shades: **** (Champagne, Pearl, and Golden for different textures)
Recommendations:  A real must for every eye look
So that was all from me.
Hope you liked it.
See Ya soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. I am also thinking to get one for me but I don't know if it is good for oily lids as well.
    Nice review. :)

    1. I guess it will be good since it balances the skin texture.neither makes it dry nor oily..thanks for liking

  2. I have this, and it's really good, especially for the cost!

  3. I have heard great thing about this product, I really want to get it, I hope you will follow my blog


  4. I will have to look for this primer-great price!

  5. Great review! I think I'll have to try this out. Following you and can't wait to see more posts!


  6. Oh I love the ELF primers! They are such a bargain.. glad to have you back after a while (:

  7. thanks everyone for liking the review..:)

  8. pretty pastel!

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