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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Top Coating Lips: Lip shine by Walmart Canada

Hi fellas!!
Today I am going to share a something which may look really minimal on first look but proved pretty amazing for me..

Know it!!
These are lipglosses with no brand tag to them. Just by Walmart Canada. The Packaging is pretty ordinary yet not below average. Applicator is the slanting tip with a hole for product to come out.The sheer tube makes one see the lip gloss shade from outside which is pretty much the same. Each lipgloss has a scent to it.

Use it!!
I had never known that there would be some products that will actually so attract me after being on my No-No list , that  I’d try to get my hands on them anywhere I see.
I normally use lipglosses on lipsticks to only add some shiny gloss to my lips. The biggest problem I encounter is that the clear lip gloss tries to make the lipstick go lighter and the tinted ones try to transform the shade altogether. My lip biting habit had really kept me away from using lip glosses let alone using sheer ones. So the first time I got one of these lip shines, I just kept it there without even using it much. Well, alone it really is nothing major. 
Walmart Lip shine in Cotton Candy, Watermelon Sorbet & Cream Cicle
Till one day I applied it to a lipstick whose tone I wanted to bring down intentionally.  I was surprised that unlike other lip glosses it was not doing what I had intended. That brought me an idea. I next applied it over a lipstick which is a salmon pink and I was amazed the lipstick shade was intact and it was glazing super gorgeously.  The one I had was named  Cotton Candy.  That is a baby pink like shade. I ended up getting two more : Cream Cicle and Water melon Sorbet. I dropped one out only because it was somewhat browny shade with “cherry” scent that I totally detest.
Walmart Lip shine in Cream Cicle, ,Cotton Candy  & Watermelon Sorbet   
Watermelon Sorbet is a mild watermelon pink shade which is neither very bright nor light,whereas Cream Cicle is a peachy orange shade. All three of them have a medium shimmer to them which is not over whelming. They are sheer and super glossy which makes them the best lip shine ever.
Watermelon Sorbet
showing shimmer on Lipstick
They are scented to their names which really attracted me and I literally stopped myself from smacking the entire product off my lips.
e.l.f Essential lipstick in Classy(Left)
Golden Rose 2000 Lipstick in 143(Right)

Walmart Lip shine Applied over Lipstick
Watermelon Sorbet( Left)
Cotton Candy (Right)
Another thing I loved about them is their gliding nature. I initially got disappointed to see such small quantity but to my amazement a very little product is needed to add shine to lips. They are quite long lasting without being sticky at all.
e.l.f essential Lipstick in Captivating

Walmart Lip shine in Cream Cicle
Applied over Lipstick
I know I am really putting forward a strong case in favor of these lip shines but they really touched my heart. I am using them each time I apply a color matched lipstick as a top coat and they rock the shade beautifully.
The only downside was that I couldn’t find a brand anywhere else. All that was written on back of the tube was Walmart Canada. I had already discarded the outer packaging which was to hang it as an ornament. I seriously hope I find them somewhere with yet more shades and scents..
Like it
It is great lip shine.
It is very easily applied.
It does not affect the lip shade.
It is not very shimmery.
It has amazing scent
It is quite long lasting.
Very less product is necessary.
Leave it
It is not much use wearing alone on pigmented lips.
Scaling & RATING:
Quality: ****1/2(Great shine, Color and Scent)
Price: ***** (2 for $3. Best deal)
Durability Thought time: ***1/2 (Stays for good time)
Availability: ***( only at Walmart)
Product Claims: ***** ( gives “lip shine” and Scent)
Recommendation: Great product for every day glossy lips.
So that is all from me.
Hope you liked the review.
See Ya soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. Beautiful, delicate and perfect! :)

  2. Sound really nice. Perfect pastels for upcoming spring/summer.

  3. I like the colors but since I hate lip glosses with a passion I doubt I'd try them out lol

  4. I like the colors... I'd love to try the e.l.f in "Classy" I'm really digging the more pale pinks right now!

  5. Hi there! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and if you like, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx


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