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Sunday, 18 March 2012

NOTW:A Stamping Experience

 Hey Fellows,
Let me share with you my first stamping on nails.

I got this stamping kit of mine after almost three0 five months of eyeing it..So my excitement bar was pretty high when I got this.. I literally was squealing with joy on first view and could not wait to get some patterns on my nails. Now like every one else I did spend some time getting a hang of it .. and let me say that there was a time or two when I was completely disappointed but a few tries later I was enjoying the end result. I still have not mastered yet I am trying to do experimenting.. Cant really help it..Lets see what I did this weekend.

For starters, I had applied a nude polish on my nails by Golden Girl after a base coat by Sweet touch. It is an awesome color and was quite complimenting my hand on its own.
Nail colors used
So what you naturally have to do is get a nail polish which is thick, pigmented and is not fast drying .. Thanks to The Feminine Crusade I got to get this Purple nail color here.I am going to do an individual post describing that shade. But it gave me liberty to do something else than the usual blue red green shades which come along.
Once you get a blot on the pattern plate, you have to scrape the polish off the pattern with scrapper along. Now, that was a little tricky for me too, as I didnt know what side is front/ back. that took me a couple of tries to sort out.I still mix that up that usually takes another try to take the pattern.
Stamping plate with Nail enamel blot ON

Nail color scrapped off
Finally, you have to take the design on the stamp along that is super soft and squeezes right in to the carved and filled with polish pattern. Lastly stamping it over the nail ant locking is with a top coat does it all.
Pattern taken on Stamp
I decided to make the pattern a little congested by stamping a little more..Okay!! it is actually a lot more but I enjoyed the bouquet  look it gave .

So that was all.
Hope you all enjoyed the post.
See ya next time
Cheeky Chic

P.S. The stamping kits can be got from Born pretty store or I too have some spare ones to share..You can have a look at them  HERE


  1. That looks beautiful. Very delicate and pretty. I can't believe you'll remove it all in a few hours :P Not fair!!

    1. I actually let it stay for a Night..Couldnt just take it off after putting so much of BREATH in..:P

  2. If i did my nails like that I wont remove them until they all chipped off! Haha you did really well for a starter :) plus your hands are really pretty. they seems well taken care of. Any tips?

    1. Believe Me!! my hands are the most neglected part of my body after my hair..I often forget to even moisturise them..Yet thanks for liking.

  3. hey.. its very cute and i love the colors combo u have chosen! it would have been better if you have mentioned the shade numbers/names even =)


  4. its pretty nude base is very beautiful

  5. Beautiful manicure, I wish I had a stamping kit :)

    1. Thanks for liking.. Why don't you have one ..It is such a big miss out if u haven't tried it yet. wish I had known earlier.I just got them from Your part of the globe.could ve easily send you one..

  6. I am very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out the new stuff you post.

  7. Fine information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and good luck!

  8. Nice post. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up .

  9. That's a pretty manicure. I love flower patterns.


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