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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Purple Mood: Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic

Hi fellows!! First time in my entire blogging time I am reviewing something which is yet to come out publicly and boy!! It is something to talk about. My first encounter with a Palladio Product.

Know it:

Palladio FX All in one  eye shadows are a compact case with a transparent lid ,with shade purpose  inscribed over it. Each palette has 5 colors to offer, namely Highlighter, All over Base, Crease, Lid and Liner.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
Applicator from another eye shadow 
I lost the original  applicator that was dual ended; a slim and a wider side, for liner and shadow application. the one above is from onother palette that fit in.:)
The Boudoir Chic One that I have has a purple undertone to its main colors that are Lid and Crease.
Use it!!
To me Palladio FX All in one eye shadows are a cross between the Lancôme Color Design Eye Brightening All in One Palette and the Wet N Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow palettes. I call them a cross because they are "all in one" like Lancome Palettes, that too offer an All Over Base with a Liner Shade as well, and they are as velvety and smooth in applying as the Wet n wild palette.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
As I have already mentioned they are 5 colors in all that are placed in a very modest sized casing. It is definitely not as top notch as Lancôme Palettes and is more similar to Wet n Wild in this regard.
I am pretty glad with pigmentation and smoothness with which they set over the eye. I really try to understand their nature which is a pleasant surprise to me; they look like matte but are DARN Creamy and easily blend and get applied; even touching them is a relish. That is being true to their name.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
The Color combination is awesome I must say. The tags are mentioned for each block of color but you can see through images that mine was pretty blank other than the Palladio Brand name over it. It is actually a Factory Rejected item That I got my hands on (That’s another story ). So Initially I didn’t know Which Color is supposed to be used where. Let me call all colors A, B, C, D, and E. I completely discarded the Color “A”, and used the “B” as a highlighter, using “C” over the crease and “E” in the Crease and in Outer V. Even that gave me an awesome look.
I did use NYX jumbo pencil in Milk but could see that even without that, they were showing up quite great. There was absolutely no fall out but somehow the product crumbled a little when I dipped my eye shadow brush in. That caused a little wastage.  You can see there is already a bump in pots when I have only used them some 3-5 times. You gotta be careful there!! 

Individually mentioning the shades,
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
Highlighter  (Swatch)   
Highlighting shade (A) is a frosty Taupe like shade with very subtle shimmer infused. The Shimmer is so intense yet it does not spread all over the eye like other shimmery eye shadows.Loved It!!

Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
All over Base  (Swatch)   
All over base (B) is a Vanilla color, that again looks Matte but has a creamy finish.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
Crease  (Swatch)   

Crease shade(C) is a little dark Mauv-ish shade. I was a bit confused with this shade because it wasn’t showing up that much in the crease in the beginning but once everything settled in, it was looking fine being there.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
Lid (Swatch) 

Lid(D) is a bright yet cool purple shade which has very minute shine infused in it and this by far is my favorite part of the palette. It is vibrant yet not over the bar and looks rich when applied. The best part is its finish, which has kind of reflective particles that are just out of this world. They are not “Glittering in your face” deal but are just multi-faceted. They kinda glow up a little like metallic finish but more subtle.
Palladio Silk FX All-in-one Eye Shadows in Boudoir Chic
Liner (Swatch)
Last but not the least is the Liner shade(E), which is a Dark Black shade with very minimal shimmer particles to it. This one is amazing as eyeliner as well as when done in the outer V of the eye/ Crease, gives a lot of dimension to eye. What I liked best about this shade was revealed upon me when I rubbed off every shade after swatching them, and boy! Everything vanished except for this one. It stayed there even when I had washed my hand and was there,even till morning next day..MAN!! That is SUPRISINGLY Amazing STAY Power. I do not know if other palettes also have same stick on ability with their LINERS but if they are this way there sure are a catch.
All in All I liked this Palette, Even though Lack mirror and simple packaging was a let down but the shadows themselves ROCK!! They are handier than Wet n Wild and are less expensive than Lancôme Palettes. So I would definitely try to get my hands on other ones and let you how that went.
Like it!!
It is All in one palette.
Shades can be used in more than one variation
They have a somewhat metallic finish.
Shadows are long lasting
They are quite pigmented
It comes in a compact case.
Shadows are very easily applied & blended.
There is no fall out after applied.

Leave it!!
It doesn’t have a mirror
Some product is wasted if not used carefully

Quality: ****1/2 (Pigmented, Easily applied, Vibrant)
Price: ****( $ 12- a good price if shadows are used carefully)
Durability Through Time: ****1/2( Stays for good time)
Product Claims: ****1/2( “Extreme pigmentation”, “Silk-Like Finish” and “Radiant, Illuminating Crystals”)
Shades: **** (8 Shades so far)
Recommendation: Great for each day or special use. A must have
So that was all for today.
Hope You'd Like the post.
Will soon bring out a Look with it
See Ya Soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. Amazing review
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  2. Really good review! This product looks nice! The colours are really pretty and just perfect for Spring!

  3. I love purples! And this palette has such a nice variety :) lucky girl

  4. This palette looks really nice!

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  8. ooo, this is the perfect palette for a smoky eye look! i think purple is a good color if your opting for a night look. it's dark but it still has color.

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  9. Thanks everyone for liking this..I am myself enjoying this palette a lot..:P

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  15. amazing... the color swatch reminds me a LOOOOOT of Lancome's Color Design Palette in Mauve Cherie which I absolutely wanted to get but couldnt because it was... 50 bucks -_- and also the swatch at the counter turned out to be all glitter/shimmer fest that made me glad I didnt get it. But this looks so good! Pigmented and beautiful colors at an affordable price. Thank you so much for your helpful review :D

    1. Yes you r right, the Lancome all in one palettes are a little too shimmery to handle. I am glad it helped you.Always a pleasure.


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