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Monday, 26 March 2012

e.l.f Studio Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium : A Reviewing Experience

Hey Friends!! Concealing has become a major part of make up regime. Hence I add this recent experience of mine with my first concealing palette.

Well, of course after a certain number of playing up with concealers one finally comes to know that there actually is not a concealer which can be used for every concealing issue, to all facial area an most importantly exactly according to your skin tone. That brought me to look out for a concealing palette where I could mix n match to come up a shade according my tone. The first place I tried out and succeeded was e.l.f cosmetics.
Know it !!
e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium 
e.l.f Studio Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium actually consists of  4 blocks of different concealer shades. They come in black e.l.f studio trade marked casing which rectangular mirror in its lid and a transparent window to peek shades through. There is also a brush along which is also on same lines of other Studio products.
Use it!!
First let me tell you a little about my Concealing NEEDS , I am olive toned with more pigmentation in certain areas than others like around my mouth and circles around my eyes. I do not have any visible marks or acne spot nor do I have a regular break out. There is just uneven tone to deal with all alone.

The product itself does not recommend it to camouflage pimples and other acne related problems rather they are a solution for dark circles, blemishes, marks and other pigmented areas. so my first reaction was that I have found a pretty good remedy for myself.
e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium 
As aforementioned the concealing palette consists of four cubes with different shades of concealer. My first reaction on watching them closely was that may be they are a little darker than I needed them to be. but on swatching them I came to know that they actually look a little darker in the case than on skin.

e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium 
The second thing that revealed upon me was that they are more orange than yellow. Yellowness is a great help to camouflage pigmentation in neutral tone like mine which tends to go a little warmer at times. That too was sorted later, when I used them with my most yellowish foundation. I have to mix n match them to bring the orangeness down once it has color corrected me.
e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium -Swatches
The very first shade from left is a yellowish orange shade which is quite medium toned. Second shade is a beige-y shade with a little wheat-ish tone to it. The third shade is again orangey but with whitish undertones and Forth one is a like a nude orange shade.
As I am usually unable to use same concealer for under- eye and around mouth dark areas so naturally I had to switch to different combinations to deal with these areas. After Moisturising,Priming face really well and Applying foundation, I normally use :
For Under eye:
First + Third shade  and a bit of second shade if it tries to go too lighter
For Around the mouth :
Third+ Forth shades and a bit of second shade if it tries to go a little darker
The pigmentation was kind of a confusion for me, they  looked very sheer on first application but after the first layer was used up, the pigmentation came on surface.Moreover, to me the second color still seems the sheerest but that may be because I have used this one the least.
They do have a satisfying pigment to them that can easily cover up marks and spots. They can blend up easily as they have a light texture. Normally concealer are supposed to be all goo-ey and kinda rich. These ones are a little like a whip cream, that feels light yet has oily texture.I specially liked it for those areas which go drier and other concealers sorta stick to them. I would more likely call them a something balanced. Neither too creamy nor entirely matte.It wouldn't be wrong to say that it has partly a Heavy Coverage Foundation like consistency.With the amount of even tone I have, I personally would have loved if I had found a foundation that comes in quad like this with same texture but a little more quantity of course, I could just apply it over areas of my face and be done with it.
e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer -Brush
I usually work up with fingers dipping in pot..and afterwards do the spotting with the brush which comes along. that is a fine brush but I would have loved if it were a little full of bristles and bigger of course.
Naked Eye
After Foundation

First step

Second Step
The product itself is really blend-able and does not cake till is applied in abundant quantity or is not let to set for as less as two minutes.  I also found that instead of dabbing the concealer in, it works better when  rubbed in. So What I do is first, I  let the concealer sink in and then, afterwards apply a bit over the left-over darker areas. Just dabbing results in an obvious show up of concealer color like concealer is just blotted on the face.
The product description suggests to use it before foundation, but I have found it to be totally useless that way. Concealer disappears during foundation is blended in and all pigmentation starts to show up again.You do not need to use a lot of product when used over foundation, just make sure that the foundation beneath is blended very well in to skin . The key note is always to let any product sink in before stepping up for next step of layering as you may need to use more than one shade. It did try to set a little in my lines but I give this credit to my impatient application; they do need to a little bit of time to set in, otherwise it did stay for good time and was not at all flowing down. They some how can even be used without a setting powder though using one is really gonna help more. My recommendation would be to use them with a Pressed Powder instead of  Loose powder because that may try to get into fine lines if  face is not primed well before which is not at all Concealer's fault.
 So personally I find it as something which is useful and not-so-useful in different cases.
Like it cuz
It is good for dark circles, blemishes and hyper pigmentation in areas that aren't that wide.
It is good for :
those who have difficulty in deciding a shade for them
those who have there skin tone/dark circles altering with time
those who have problem with marks left out after break outs
those who have tendency to get their skin dried / cakey after concealer.
those who do not want to use foundation but have some marks that need to be concealed.
Medium shade is good for those who have olive/cool/warm tone
Leave it 
It is not a remedy for hiding break outs and pimples.
It is not a heavy coverage concealer.
It does not last longer than 5 hours.

Quality:***1/2( good pigmentation,Blend able, Nice Shades, Strong Casing)
Price:*****( for $3@ e.l.f US, £3.50 @ e.l.f UK, Rs. 520/- Here)
Product Claims:****("Customizable Coverage", "Easy to blend", "Disguises", "Blend of shades")
Durability through Time:***( Stay for a nice time)
Shades: ****1/2
Recommendation: A good product for spot and marks coverage.

So that was all from me.
Hope you like it.
See ya next time.
Cheeky Chic


  1. I need to buy such a palette as well, I always have trouble making the perfect make-up because a single foundation doesn't look natural applied to the whole face

  2. Che bello questo blog nuova follower...

  3. I adore ELF! Lovely blog! I was wondering if you can visit mine, possibly visit each other? :)

    Mary x

  4. Thanks for this detailed review. I was curious about their concealer palette, too.

  5. Thanks for the detailed review. Really like the palette but I dont think the mixing and matching would be too good for me since im almost always on a run. :)

    1. You actually have to try different combinations for once or twice with patience. Afterwards you just know what to put on in seconds..:)
      Thanks for liking

  6. Thanks for the review. I was curious bout this palette.

  7. like your blog my dear!
    keep posting and go for it



  8. thanx for ur lovely comment sweety.. ..followed bk

  9. Yhanks everyone for liking my post..:):)

  10. hey its me maha khan from facebook :) i lyk u so much dear that now i m following yur blog :) u r such a sweetheart and such an addorable person i can't belive :) yar app mujhe pehlay kyun nai mili :( but i m glad i find u now :)

    1. Oh my!! you are making me blush ..I am glad i pleased you ..:) I am here now so lets rock it!!

  11. hey its me maha khan from facebook :) i lyk u so much dear that now i m following yur blog :) u r such a sweetheart and such an addorable person i can't belive :) yar app mujhe pehlay kyun nai mili :( but i m glad i find u now :)

  12. Try setting it with setting spray!
    It may last longer :)


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