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Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Non Cosemtic Post ..

Hi everyone.
I am sharing with you a recent trip of mine to dermatologist . Wait wait…it was nothing that serious that I had to go and see skin specialist but I just had to be near a skin clinic so I decided to give it a try ..Was it worth it ??hmm..See ahead

My concern majorly was about the hyperpigmentation around my mouth which I have already mentioned a couple of times before. So I just wanted to ask a doctor if there is a medical reason or remedy for this “condition” I truly am getting sick of concealers which I almost always have to apply even if I had initially planned to go bare face..
She inquired everything  from A to Z and finally decided that since this has nothing to do with acne spots all I need to do is not let the skin stay dry at any cost and use a high SPF even if I am not going out and am just in a sunny room.
 She suggested me to things to apply at day and and at night. For daytime it naturally was the sun screen which I like pretty much because of its matte texture..Honestly speaking I was not much into sunscreens before, except for the product who somehow have spf15-30 in them, but that never was a preference.
The second which I was supposed to apply at night was a 12% Glycolic acid cream. Glycolic acid is an AHA  (alpha Hydroxy Acid) and I had first heard about it almost a year back when I was asked to make a serum out of VitaminA,C,and E with glycolic acid for the same kind of pigmentation. I never gave an ear to medical science back then . so I really had quite confidence in this treatment. Glycolic Acid is apparently not UV friendly that’s why it was supposed to be applied at night.

A few days of this treatment were pure ecstasy. Right from the very first moment,  I applied GA (GLYCOLIC ACID) cream , my got so soft and smooth,I just could keep my hand off it the whole day.. it was such a treat to feel it that way. The sunscreen was also amazing as it didn’t make me all greasy instead gave just normal effect like a moisturiser. Now, as was mentioned on the GAcream tube that it can be used as a moisturiser and underneath makeup too. I incidentally had to attend some wedding those nights so I very diligently applied it each night, before makeup on and even my primer would glide over it. The problem started almost a week after, when all of a sudden my skin went dry.. it was so dry and patchy that the greasiest cream  at home won’t do any good to it. It was all stretchy and a filmsy powder was coming off my face. I couldn’t understand what was happening and rushed back to clinic again where she concluded that it was because my skin was not tolerating daily application of GA cream and she asked me to drop it to 2-3 times a week skipping a day or two as I want it to. Along with that she suggested me to use a hydrating moisturiser instead to keep the skin moisturized.
The Moisturiser she asked me to get  is okay ..It really moisturises well enough. but with all heavy duty, is not actually a light plus effective deal.
Now, I am using the GA cream 2 times a week and applying the moisturiser each morning with sunscreen that somehow keeps me okay during the day. The GA cream never gave me same softening results as it did the first some days any more. Since summer is almost here I do not have to encounter with dryness anymore, still I am still squeezing it in to my new skin routine. The sunscreen will definitely will successfully use all over summer esp with its matte-y nature.
So that was all.. My advice to everyone out there is to deal ur skin very carefully before trying out something medical. It can do something very quickly which can very long to get undone.
So that was all from me
See ya next time soon

Cheeky chic


  1. I'm glad you didnt have too bad of a reaction to the GA! Phew1 Anyways could you tell more about th sunscreen, its availability and price? Since I really want one that will mattify my skin and you said this one has mattifying properties. The Neutrogena ones just aren't doing it for me right now :(

    1. Yeah ..It such a disaster after dream come true situation. I have given the close up above of the Sunscreen cream .It is U-Veil forte sunscreen SPF 60..It does have an amazing mattifying effect and just feels more like a primer on face. I am not using that much mainly cuz I am staying in home nowadays and dont think I need that much of SPF so I take a tiny amount and get done.Do try it ..:)Lemme know how it went..:)

    2. hey.......from where can i buy the u-veil forte suncream in karachi??
      n whatz its price??

  2. Thanks for the post, It containing a lots of information
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  3. hi! i recently started using u veil forte sunscreen. can you tell me how is your experience with it along with makeup? can i use a water based foundation over it?

    1. i had really liked this. the only thing is that like every other sunscreen my face feels little sweaty for like 10 minutes and then it is normal. it stays on for good time. since i am in a country where there is so much direct and close skin exposure so i am still experimenting it here. and may be would like to try a sun block rather than sun screen

  4. n also tell me the price of u-veil forte suncream??


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