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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Illuminated Blush: Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender

Hi  girls ..Remember my last haul a few days back .. there was my first owned Victoria Secret makeup product ..and that too a blusher, what else could make my day!!

Know it!!
This VS Makeup Luminous Mineral blush duo is in the shade "Surrender", where the product is sectioned in to two colors. The brighter of which is in larger section than the lighter one.
Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender
 The packaging is really sleek and look stop notch. The transparent window does let you see through for better shade judgement. It doe not come with a mirror or brush, former of which would have been more preferable than latter.
Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender

Use it!!
blushers are normally one of those products that I am most picky about. For me they need to be Pigmented yet not Harsh , Brightening but not Sparkling, Blendable but not Absorbing ..

Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender

This VS one really caught my attention because it was a duo, not of a bronzer and a blusher but of two blusher shades themselves, Both with Pink as the main tone. It meant that I could could lessen or increase the amount of color as I want it to be with same amount of product. That indeed is a provocative thought to get a product.

Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender
The shades themselves are a version of Peony Pink and a Pastel Pink, where the first one occupies larger part of the product.Both of them are super frosty; they do not have any shimmer or sparkle standing out of color. ,which is really great for a natural illuminated look. The good part is that the illuminating particles does not spread all over the are like some of the highlighters out there that end up shimmering up the whole face.
Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender
Separate Swatches 
The pigmentation is good even when used over skin done with just powder; with primer or foundation even better. The color is really true to what it shows  in compact.  It is not actually a bright pink that could bring a huge flush with one sweep, so it needed me to dip my brush in kind of wiggly round motion to pick powder up  to give me enough color.I never need to dip my brush twice.
Victoria Secret Makeup Luminous Mineral Blush Duo in Surrender
Swatches Blended

 It just not a mere powder blusher but a highlighting blusher, I normally use it when I want to have to use more highlighted effect with blushing. With this one I do not need to use a highlighter separately, I just sweep the lighter color towards temple and some goes on apples as specified on the back cover.
The staying power is kind of confusing ..If I just apply it and do not blend it in, it does not stay for long time . but if I just blend it in real good like for some 6 secs,  it stays for good time. Blending really does all the job. The lustre can subdue a little after some 4-5 hrs but the tint still remains. I really loved this quality.
The quantity is not very satisfying. The sleek packaging  very well shows all the product that is in there. though it does not need too much product to show up color but it may run out quick than others out there.
All in all it is an impressive product from packaging to quality.

Like it!!
It is a blend of two blusher shades
It gives a highlighting effect.
The shimmer is pretty infused and doesnt spread all over face
Pigmentation and Stay Power are good.
Packaging is very travel and purse friendly.

Leave it!!
It may run out soon if used daily
It doesnt have a mirror

Quality :****( Good color pay off, from reliable brand, Admirable packaging)
Price: ***1/2 ( $15-20,Comapred to product Okkk price)
Staying power:****( colors stays for far more time than shine)
Product claims:****1/2( Glow natural, Subtle Radiance, Wear alone or together)
Shades: 4 more at
Recommendation : A perfect Combo of highlighter and blusher ..
 So this was all from me 
Hop you liked it
See Ya soon 
Cheeky Chic


  1. OOOh I've never tried any VS makeup! Would love to get my hands on some :)

  2. Beautiful...
    nice post...

  3. I love the two-tones pictured...and you really wrote a great review! I have never tried VS make-up before however I may just have to give it a try! Thanks :)
    XO - Marion

    1. thanks for liking Marion..Glad you liked it ..:)

  4. lovely post:)
    subscribed to u, check mine n subscribe if u lik?


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