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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

¡Hola Summer..Getting Ready

Hello girls!! Summer has just been in and what else can we do to make our way through the 6 months of, scorching sun and intense humidity than tending skin right..That thought took me to the drug store and following are my picks for the hot season.

The first thing I always focus on is the face wash. Now since my skin is Normal/Dry, which according to some is better then the combination one, but I have to tackle both pretty dry and quite oily skin in both major seasons. Getting a perfect facial was in winter is a fat chance butt in summer I am okay with any facial wash which won't make my skin too dry. still I was trying to get my hands on something which is gentle and not too oil absorbing. Yes I even can get dry skin in Summer if I use an extreme oil reducing face product..

So I got  Garnier's Pure ex foliating face wash with eucalyptus extract. this was not exactly something I was targetting at as it is for oily to to combo skin, but somehow the eucalyptus thingy really attracted. I am not toomuch into this product alreay beacuse i am not face an outburst of greasiness which normally comes with humidity, so I am kinda saving it for that season ..those of you out there who have already started to have shiny face, I am sure this one will work great on you.I got this one for Rs.340/- that makes some $4.

The second product was something I was eyeing for a long time now. It is clean and clear's daily facial Lotion. Yes, it doesn't look like a lotion at all, neither is it mosturising or something. but it works like a toner/cleanser/shine eraser. What one has to do is soak some cotton with it and wipe all the face when it is oily or shiny or kinda greasy. It amazes me each time, as my cotton bud is all colored this grimy shade after I apply it. I guess that means its working pretty well. I do not use it right after I have had  face wash but rather when I am not in mood to go and splash water over my face. Yup I can get that lazy at times..The odd thing about this product is that it does sting eyes even when I dont let it go any where very near the eye ball. On top of it it so gets to yor breathing that I cough each time when I forget to hold my breath. That means one has to shut their eyes and hold breath each time it is used. I even tried it on my hubs and he had the same reaction. so all of them with sensitive pair of lungs n eyes...BEWARE !!

The third one is a moisturising face lotion by Himalya Herbals, which I am glad I only am using thrugh summer,as this would never have worked on me in Winters. It is light, non greasy and quite suitable for summer dryness as it only hydrates as much is required through this season.Cost Rs.320/- ,$ 3.50/- for 200ml.

I also got my hands on my old beloved, Johnson's Baby oil, but this time I got it in Gel.I only got it because my baby oil was finished and I wanted to get something in its place..The good thing is that a very minimum quantity works wonder.I only use it for elbow or knee dryness.but I am quite sure I am stop gonna use it after a week or two..Gwash! I am not that dry skinned..

I got some Makeup goodies too one of which though is definitely a replica to MAC stippling brush but it makes me wonder each time ,how good would be the real one if replica is working so great.. it is super fluffy and is pretty smooth on skin as is expected through foundation routine.No shedding at all, makes it even a better deal. costed me a Rs.120/-  yes girls!! thats hardly a $1.50/-
 Then is a baked blusher quad from Studio M.. this one is good stuff too. I took it from a friend in a swap for my foundation which suited her better. Does require a full fledged review. Will be coming up soon.
Last but not the least is the Etude skinfit Lipstick pencil that is an orangey brown shade..That costed me some Rs. 150 but I am liking it for its good stay power..Hope it is gonna work well with me.
So that was all I hope you guys do pick up your stuff for the sizzling season and get ready be on board..:)
See you with next post shortly.
Cheeky Chic


  1. Oh wow! Where'd you get the Etude and Mac replica from? Great haul :)

    1. Thanx for liking. I got the Etude lipstick pencil from Shaheen Blue area and the MAC one from commercial market RWP

  2. That shine control looks great- I'll have to check it out! And the MAC 187 is my go-to brush and definitely worth the money!


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