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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Some Handy Work: e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium

Something I would never have encountered till came a time of emergency.

I may have mentioned it umpteenth times, when it comes to brows I have an uncanny eye to ignore them.I wish I could keep doing the same but some how I needed to use something for brows when my cousin decided to get married on a short notice of two weeks. On top of everything else, I simply had to let my eye brows roll the way they normally do but on eve of her bridal shower, I couldn't take my eye off the unruliness of my brows, ruining my one hour's hard work of eye make up. Thus entered the e.l.f brow kit which was residing happily since past three months in my stash
Know it!!
e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium
e.l.f studio eye brow kit has two squares each consisting of brow wax and brow powder. It does have a transparent window and a slit of mirror in lid for better usage. The applicator is dual ended with angled edge at one side for wax application and definition and a fluffy-ish powder brush at other end.
The kit is quite compact and is completely travel friendly
Use it!!
As I mentioned before I was not planning on using it unless I have a life (in this case beauty) threatening condition. So when I did not have any time to pluck my brows all I did was to conceal them a little and use this brow kit to tame the wild.
e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium
As far as the shade is concerned I wish I had gone for Dark one. The Medium I have chosen has a slight reddish tone to it which at times isn't obvious through brow hair but it shows up when wax is applied on skin. A darker shade would have been much better. Moreover my dark brows may need more product to get in shape so I am afraid it 'll finish up soon.
e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium

e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium
Above: Wax
Below: Powder

Now, the brow wax looks pretty dark in the case but is not as pigmented when applied. To me it is good as with brows you have to build up color very gradually. The wax is of good consistency and to much of my surprise, the tint did stay up for a good part of time. Though being less pigmented, it did leave some occasional gaps which was merely because my brows have been in an unnatural and unsettled condition for a long time. Later I did have to fill them with another waterproof pencil which I normally use for water line.
Naked Brow
(I know ..Yikes!!)

With e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit in Medium
The brow powder is more of lightening powder to me . It does help to soften the look if it is getting darker than needed plus it keep it away from flowing or smudging.
Applicator with e.l.f Studio Eye Brow Kit
As for the applicator the only downside is its being too short to handle. Otherwise the angled brush is just perfect to bring definition and the brush side carries appropriate amount of  powder and blends it in pretty well.
It will be better for those who already groom their brows and not just rely on gels and waxes to keep them in shape( Like me)
Like it 
It s an affordable product.
The wax/ powder combo brings a natural look
It is compact.
It is better for light coverage.
The color does not flow or smudge.
The applicator is prefect for filling and shaping.
It is quite long lasting.

Leave it 
It may not be good for big gaps in brow hair.
A slight reddish tint shows up on skin, but not in hair

Price:****( $ 3 is not much but 
Product claims:****( Gives"fuller","Thicker" and "Defined" Brows.)
Durability Through time: ****1/2 (Stays up well, no smudging or lightening)
Shades: 4 of them. Light, Medium, dark and Ash
Recommendation: Good for slim brows. It can definitely give them a good arch and shape well. Thick brows May not be benefited much

So that was  all
catch you soon again
Cheeky Chic


  1. I love htis brow kit and i actually prefer it to the one by Benefit too :) much better value for money xxx

  2. I may try it. I have the one by benefit but it's quite expensive and I can't keep buying it. xo

  3. I have been using this for a while now and totally love it:)

  4. wow! it made quiiiite the difference! great product :)

  5. looks good:)

  6. wao i didn't know that elf brow kit bhi itni achi ho sakti hai hmmm thanx for the review dear :)


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