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Monday, 21 May 2012

Glossing all the way: Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss

Hi fellas!! This is going to be my all time favorite makeup item review ..Lip glosses.Well, I love them to core of my heart.A good lip gloss is a blessing in disguise. Just like my  Rimmel Kiss off lip gloss.

Know it!!
Rimmel kiss off Lipglosses come in a normal looking lip gloss container, with a back top and transparent bottom. The application tip is a brush instead of doe foot sponge.

Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss

Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss
Use it!!
 This one has every thing one can think of in a gloss. Pigmented, Frosty and Glossy  with easy application, smooth coverage and good staying power. Rimmel has been discontinuing a lot of products lately, but this one has made its mark. It is not actually available at Rimmel's official website ,but many drugstores carry it.

Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss in 710
Talk To Me

I have got "710 - Talk to me" shade, that is absolutely adoring. It is golden honey coppery shade with a lot of shimmer and sparkle which glides evenly .

Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss in 710
Talk To Me

Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss in 710
Talk To Me
Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss in 710
Talk To Me
Swatch with flash

KISS OFF?? Hmm!! If by Kiss off they mean it wont shift to an area when it comes in contact with lips, that is actually being overrated. It does leave marks on skin and other objects like drinking out of a glass though It may be less than other lip products.
Yet, It definitely has staying power which to some people is sticky. I don't find it sticky at all when used minimally,AND it works wonders when used in little quantity which is an add-on.
Well, almost like every other lip gloss, use on cleansed lips to avoid discoloration. Since it is more sheer than opaque, I  use it over a lip Primer and other lipsticks so it stayed even longer that way. But you really need to blot the product you are using  beneath it cuz  layering products can cause a lot of stickiness. Plus the shade applied under should either be nude or a true match, otherwise u risk discolouration.
I have also felt a bit of plumping action going on while it is applied. Their was a slight tingling sensation which normally is associated with plumping lip products. That was not actually one of my requirements but since it is here it is a plus..:)
Rimmel London Kiss off lip gloss

The coolest thing I liked about this lip gloss is the application brush. I am not at all a fan of the spongy doe foot lippies. This one is like you have dipped a soft brush (really Soft !!) in pot full of honey and  applied it all over ..what else do we need from a gloss ..huh?
There is a fruity smell to it not over bearing but to sensitive noses like me it makes me wonder where is it coming from after every couple of minutes and the I realise it is actually the gloss .

So all in all this is a good product. I use it mostly with matte lipsticks where I need some glitter and shine to rock the party :)
Like it!!
It is very pigmented.
The quantity is quite satisfactory.
The staying power is pretty good.
The shade is very wonderful.
Shimmer is not chunky.
Leave it!!
Thereis a fruity smell to it.
The glitters are not (your) preference.
It is not that"Kiss off)

Quality:****1/2(It has all the goodness a lip gloss should have)
Price:**1/2 ($3.50-6is an okay price ,as the quantity is quite enough for more than 50 applications)
Durability Through Time:*****( Maintains its color and stays definitely)
Availability:***1/2(Available at Drugs and cosmetic store which have rimmel's range)
Product Claims:**** (Rich of color,Stays for long , Highly shimmered but not "kiss off")
Shades:**** (Quite an array of shades :12 in all .. I found Addicted ,Fever,Talk to me and Flashback the most adorable)(below)
Recommendations:**** (Amazing shade and A real Catch)

From left to right:Paint the town,Fever,Morning after,Wild at heart,Addicted,First time,Flashback, Forbidden,Silence,Night Before,Say it to me

So that was all.
Hope you liked the post
See ya soon again
Cheeky Chic


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