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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Shimmer is in the air:Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe

 Hey Ladies!!
Some shimmery things do Spice up your day. The baked eye shadows by Studio M Professional are sure one of those.

Know it!!
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
The Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad consists of 4 striped Baked eye shadows. That can be used alone or together as per need. The round packaging is ordinary but sturdy. The transparent lid on top reveals the color shades without trying them.There is no applicator or mirror along but certainly that has accommodated in the shadow quantity.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe

Use it!!
This is the first of Studio M eye shadows that I have got.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
The "Taupe" quad has four co-ordinated shadow that are super Shimmery. The shimmer is a little chunky in the lighter shades but in the darker ones it is quite subtle.
 For a baked eyeshadow, the pigmentation is pretty fine when these are used dry. Baked eyeshadows can normally be used both dry and wet. I have not yet tried them as wet because just adding a primer or foundation before application does yield amazing results that is the color certainly looks more vibrant and the shimmer does not fall off.

Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
Without any Primer or Foundation

Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
With NYX JEP in Milk
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
Over Nyx JEP in Milk
(In flash)
I am not a big fan of shimmery eye shadows and this quad is the exact reason why. The shimmer infused products tend to spread all over face after some time. The studio M quad eye shadows do stay for more time than the usual chunky glittery ones, but still if you are planning to keep them up for as long as 6 hours, they may start oozing glitter on area around eye, esp if they are used as dry. It was good to see that they do not spread as much when applied with a primer beneath.
I am quite glad with the color combination. Though it is not exactly mentioned anywhere to use a shade in a specific eye area. But the shades are pretty evident to sort that out.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
1st shade
The First shade of the quad is a peachy salmon shade. That is the largest part of the quad. I usually use it as a lid shade with a fluffy eye shadow brush and dab it on eye instead of sweeping.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
2nd shade Swatch
The second shade is a taupe shade and is perhaps why this quad is called taupe in first place. I use it as an over the crease shade.
The third shade is a beautiful creamy white shade. A perfect highlighter from the quad. It blends very well in over-the-crease shade. As it does not need that much of blending,so I usually apply it with a sponge tip applicator.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
3rd  shade Swatch

The Last shade is a deep burgandy. as it is the darkest shade of the quad,  I use it in outer corner as well as in the crease. I apply it in a dotting technique with a full bristle angular brush for precise application.
Studio M Professional Baked eye shadow Quad in Taupe
4th shade Swatch

The absence of an eye shadow applicator is never felt any time for as long as I have had them. Rather I certainly admire that they have made the quad big in size instead on consuming all the space for a Not-so-Useful applicator or even a mirror.
Over all they did prove to be a good addition to my eye makeup products.
Like it!!
It is a good combination quad.
The shimmer in shades can be dealt with.
Shadows are pretty vivid.
The quantity is really good.
They last well for a shimmery shadow.
Leave it!!
They are not that pigmented.
They do need a primer to stay put.
They can be more than necessary shimmery for someone’s taste.
Quality: ***1/2 ( Fine shimmer particles, Bright colors, Easy blending)
Price: ***1/2($7.99.Okay price for quantity offered)
Durability through time: ***1/2 ( stays for good lot of time)Product claim: (couldn’t locate a company website)
Availability :**( @ Meijer stores and few Drugstores)
Shades: (Couldn’t locate)
Recommendations: Beautiful combo for shimmer lovers.
So that was all for now.
See ya all next time.
Cheeky Chic


  1. i am loving this !!! :D

  2. wao awesome eyeshadows and with primer they are super cool and the taupe one :) aghhhhhhhhh awesome :) congratulations for having this amazing eyeshadow quad :)

  3. These look like really pretty, shimmery colours! Great for summer!

  4. Oh, this would be perfect for me! They are the colors I use the most!!! :D

    1. Thank you for your visit! And waiting for more posts! ;D
      Have a wonderful week***

  5. Thanks for liking Ladies!! Always a pleasure<3<3

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    Rachael xx

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  8. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by. I love the colours in this quad, these are exactly my kinda shades!


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