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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Top Three Beauty Gadgets

We need some helping hands to keep us on the beauty track. These three have been working really hard to help on my beauty issues.

Tools for enhancing beauties have never fell short since I- Don't- Know how long. The more beauty industry is progressing, the more is the need to make ever aspect of your body flawless and up to date. Thanks to beauty saloon at every turn you take, the luxury of grooming has now become more of a necessity. And since necessity is mother of invention, the gadgets to tend to beauty well, have entered the whole scenario. Enough talk!! For someone like me who hesitates to get to parlour or saloon, even if they offer me free of charge services, these gadgets are like a blessing. I had already shared with all of you the spring facial hair remover which has come in quite handy in terms of facial hair ( in my case only the upper lips' peach fuzz).
These three I am about to talk to you about, not only solve most of my skin issues but also are affordable enough.

The first of them is a facial massager/ cleanser by a company "Schildkraut". I got this one as a gift from one of my aunt who had it in her stash for a long time but unknown of its capabilities. I found it extremely useful when I am bugged at my hand unable to do the upward massage motion on my face. As it revolves in a circular motion, that can be turned to high or low. The work is done at every part of my face pretty nicely.

The three heads which come along are: Massager, Cleanser and Scrubber. Another thing I loved about this handy little tool is that I can actually carry it anywhere. I do not have to involve my hands directly with all products. A number of times I have used it while watching TV or reading a magazine, Lying on sofa or bed. Going out of station?? just need to throw it in the bag and I do not even have to worry about the power since it runs on regular AA batteries.
Normally my skin care routine with this massager includes to use a moisturiser  with massaging head and do it about 7-12 minutes, then comes the sponge head topped with cleansing milk or Lotion for some 10 minutes, and lastly the scrubber comes up with a facial scrub to clean out the black heads and the dead skin. I sometimes skip the scrubber when I do not want the detailed un-clogging. I use Luke warm water to clean off face with a towelette or when the product starting drying on face I dip the head a little in water to make the process go on.
The one thing did not particularly liked about the massager head is that sometimes I have trouble using it on bony parts of my face that are nose and forehead. Fingers normally access these areas easily as well as the other two heads since they have brush/sponge attached on surface. Secondly the brush is not that soft as  it was when I initially used. I wonder why it changed its texture, but all I have to do is condition it a little after every use and it is good to go.

The second item is a saloon style manicure/ pedicure tool. It is wand like and has 5 different heads. I do not normally use the grinding cones. but the flat emery head, soft head cone and diamond cone all are very practical.

This one also runs on AA batteries and the pouch / instructions along do come quite useful.
My routine is to soak hands in a bowl of  Luke warm water after moisturising and massaging them, for some 10 minutes. Then, I usually tend all my finger nails one by one. The diamond cone is excellent in pushing the cuticles or even removing them. The emery head helps shaping nails and the soft head cone buffs out the nails for a natural shine.

The last one is actually an egg boiler I had got a long time ago. May be when I was in my early teens. But later it served permanently as my steamer. This actually is no HI-Fi kinda thing and is totally local material. but What I love about this steamer is that it takes only 15 seconds to steam up water on the count of clock. The round dome like lid keeps the steam inside and whenever I want to use it, the steam is enclosed and ready to get availed from. I normally use it when I am planning to do a detailed facial.

Currently I am using a cocoa and shea butter moisturiser, half  a spoon of which I directly pour in to this steamer. you can see the residue on its walls.

It is something really basic and dirt cheap but as long as it is coming handy, I am keeping it along. I have never taken it when I am on the go,as I do all the detailed work on my face beforehand but it is small enough to be carried around in a shoulder bag.
So that was all from me on some gadgets that help me around and keep me away from spending my precious time and effort in beauty saloons and parlours.
Hope you liked the post.
See ya soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. Great products. I also love my pedicure/manicure too. :)

  2. Nail Care product are always my attention.... Liked your post

  3. Wow the first tool is just like a clairosonic, all of them seem to serve great purpose. I'll look for a cheaper alternative for the cleansing, polishing and massaging tool till I get my hands on the clairosonic. Great post xxx

    1. Yeah it looks like the one from clairosonic. but with cheaper price tag ofc. thanks for liking..:)

  4. nice. I like that nail gadget a lot :) xx

  5. Love the gadgets. The nail one looks really useful. :)


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