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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Counteracting oily skin: Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand

Hey fellas!!
It is quite hot weather now a days and I  bring to you a weather appropriate product. Dig in!!

Know it!!
 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation

 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation

 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation
Luscious flawless finish skin foundation comes in a sleek black squeezable tube with a nozzle on top and a cap to hold the product.
Use it!!
The description very clearly says it being for oily to combination skin. Now I do have combination skin but it is more dry and less oily . Of Course in summer esp the humid rainy times tend to bring out the oil out of my pores. So I have to deal with dry in winter and oily in summer, best  worst of both worlds. 
 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation 
That being said though, I specifically used it for the first time, on a hot humid day, when I was definitely feeling the weather bringing out natural oils from my pores. Long story short, It does not mention it anywhere but it should have written in bold somewhere :Liquid to Powder formula. I mean, I seriously didn’t believe a foundation could not give me an oily face after I have applied it. I did not even have to use a powder afterwards to suck off the oil which normally comes up with foundation. It definitely is a remedy for oily skin. Coming back to my dry skin, if I use it some other time when I am not over powered with warm weather, it may try to clump without proper moisturization and priming. That actually was a downer for me, but I know somewhere in my heart that finding a foundation that’d work both ways is a far cry.
 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand
The shade I picked online was sand and that was the second last darkest shade. I personally am an NC 30. The shade looked an awesome match when I swatched it. It was enough yellow and not too beig-ish. But when I blended it on my face it played a little trick .
Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand
Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand
There was no yellow to be seen anywhere rather it lightened a little when was being blended. Now, that may be well for those who are a tone beneath me but otherwise I got pretty freaked out. The good thing that as I use two separate foundation shades, so this one became my second best match to the highlighted areas that are middle of forehead, Cheeks, Cheek bone and Nose; leaving the area around mouth. 
Bare Skin
Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand
Swatch on Blending
Luscious flawless finish skin foundation in Sand
Swatch blended
According to me, “Sand” shade would be suitable for NW 30 skin. Mine is more towards neutral so it goes wonderful with one or two layers but if I try to increase coverage or try it on the darker pigmented areas it leaves a whitish cast. That is totally due to wrong shade selection.
The pigmentation is pretty good. It has Sheer to medium coverage which can definitely be built up but would take more quantity. My take is that it better for balancing out skin tone than camouflaging and concealing.
It definitely is not cakey and blends very comfortably into skin. Blending with fingers normally works fine whereas stippling brush in is another useful option as well. I have felt that application should be little quick and shouldn't be kept unused for long after taking product out of bottle.
 I normally do the foundation first and then go to the eye makeup, letting foundation set, So I am always worried, some of the foundation will be unsettled where ever my hand touches the face, even when I am wearing a puff on my pinkie finger. But I was glad that it didn’t happen with this one. With product blended in, there was no room for it to transfer to my hand.
I would recommend including a good primer in foundation routine especially in summers. As our facial pores are already open any foundation would try to fill them in, that can be enhanced after using a setting powder.
 Luscious flawless finish skin foundation
It being light weight sometimes reminds me of an effective tinted moisturizer. Especially because of the sleek packaging. A squeezable tube with nozzle is not only good for carrying around but is also great to control amount of product that comes out. With wide mouth bottles and pumps there always is a chance to lose some of the product.
I can’t say that the quantity it withholds is more than enough but if one is going to use it for Max. Coverage it may take less time to finish off.
Right now it stays up to 6 hours easily, that makes it a pretty good one for summers.
Like it !!
It is light weight.
It has a liquid to powder finish.
It is best for oily skin.
It blends very well.
It stays intact for good amount of time.
No setting powder is needed.
The tube packaging is user friendly.
Leave it!!
The shade selection is limited.
It isn’t very useful for dry skin.
It may not be appropriate for concealing.
Quality: **** (Blends well, Nice coverage, Good pigmentation, oily skin appropriate)
Price: ***1/2 ( Rs. 845/- for 30 ml, no product wasted. A good deal)
Durability through time: ***1/2(Stays for more than 5 hours)
Product Claims: ****1/2(Definitely “oil-Free”, “Matte”, “Lightweight”, “Buildable coverage”, “Blends perfectly”)
Availability: **** (@ Major drug/cosmetics store in Pakistan & Their Web store )
Shades: **1/2(Only 6. Sure need more)
Recommendations: A great pick for oily skin.
So that was all from me.
Hope that was useful.
See ya soon.
Cheeky Chic

PR Sample sent for Review.


  1. great review... i have super oily skin...i think i should check

  2. Your reviews are so fun to read! This sounds like an amazing product!

    1. Aww, I am really glad you like them . thanks XOXO

  3. Well if it's a great pick for oily skin then it is something I should definitely check out! :D

  4. These are some great tips for controlling oil production that is visible on the face. As someone who has dealt with oily skin for a number of years, I know first-hand how aggravating it can be. I remember leaving oil on my friends doors, on the office computers and phone, etc. All of these things took away from my confidence and self-esteem. As a result, I tried everything... most would work for a few hours and then it would start back up again.

    So, one day I decide that enough was enough and that I was going to figure this thing out once and for all. Guess what? I did... now that I know what to do and NOT do, I want to share this information with others.

    If you aren't sure how to get started figuring out what may be causing your oily skin, a Health Coach can point you in the right direction.

    Christal DeLoach
    "Optimizing Your Mind Body & Spirit"

  5. Hey...thats a very helpful review. Thank u for sharing! =)


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