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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lets Review: Nivea Pearl & beauty Anti Perspirant Deodorant with Pearl Extracts

Hi ladies!! Summer bring an addition of many products in our daily routine. Body Sprays are one of the major products that help us being fresh and fun throughout the season.

I have not actually reviewed any body spray ever before here. But numerous commercial campaigns through out the media try their best to pour out their opinion in our mind drains. With summer, a rush of different deodorant brands is seen all most at every nook and cranny. That brought me to try some of them and the one who really forced me to write about it, was Nivea Pearl & beauty anti perspirant deodorant with pearl extracts that claims to lighten underarms that are constantly in contact with hair removal procedures.

Now, I must say the very idea of a lightening deodorant sounds tempting. I, for one, do not have my underarms exposed  publicly as I do not wear sleeveless  but still if a product could provide an additional intimate solution...Why not try it.

I  was pretty glad to see that the spray was a very nicely fragrant, that strongly reminded me of a smell that is associated with lotions and creams. May be even the Nivea lotions themselves smell like that. I won't call it floral or spicy or anything but it is quite modest, not overpowering and soothing to senses.
Moreover, this is definitely a deodorant that could stay on with me me for more than 36 hrs .No exaggeration there(That was the longest I could test it without reapplying). I could feel the fragrance even till  the last Minute. My mind was saying it must be gross by now but the underarms were another story. I definitely can say that it is a long lasting one.

All being said we are not here for mere long lasting or sweet smelling ability. "Beautiful underarms" is the main testing issue. I seriously am still unable to differentiate between before and after effects. Of course there won't be an overnight changes, though I have been using it for two weeks now. But based on the texture of the the spray it certainly has "something" different to it. I found that the spray has some grainy particles included. Like some really fine scrub. That must be the "pearl" extracts" they talk about. Moreover the body spray not only smells like a cream or lotion but also feels like one. That must sound gross but once or twice I sprayed it on my hand and rubbed it. I did not only feel the uneven scrubbiness but also very smooth milk like texture, that is kinda whitish.To me that must be something which can contribute towards lightening of underarms. To my surprise the whiteness did not turn to some powdery stuff but the particles and the oiliness absorbed after being there for some time.
Can u see Grain like particle at top outer

Creamy whiteness in Nivea Pearl & beauty Anti Perspirant Deodorant
with Pearl Extracts
 It not only means that the spray is somehow working towards keep underarms moisturised with a lightening effect but it brings me to the only two problems I have with this spray. As there is a significant touch of a lotion/cream like stuff, I am unable to use it anywhere else at all. I mean, If I use it all over the body there is a greasiness that sticks to skin for some time and then goes off little by little The very idea is very awkward.
The second reason is that I am unable to spray it and breathe at the same time. The product sting my throat all the way through my nasal cavity. It is like a dust storm being blown . I couldn't help but cough vigorously for the first few times I didnt pay much attention. It really should be used in a ventilated place, even that may be useless. So what I do is that I hold my breath while spraying, get to other corner of room and then release my breath. I have had no such experience with any other Body spray.
Though it is a very great trouble to me, but I still am using it as my daily body spray. It is alcohol free, keeps me nicely fragrant for a good lot of time.
I may be buying it again but it certainly is something which I have a Love /Hate kinda relationship.
So that was all from me. Hope you like this rambling of mine. I seriously needed to get this off my chest.:P
See ya guys soon
Cheeky Chic


  1. i like roll ons better than sprays...nice review

  2. My choice is also roll on As I think that stays longer.. but I have tried Nivea other deodorant they work well.

  3. Roll ons work better than aerosol sprays :) They stay on longer and are more antiperspirant.
    Great review!

  4. You r right girls!! roll on do work better. unless in my case each of them proves to be itchy.and ofc we cant apply them anywhere else on body like a "body" spray.
    Thanks for liking the review..:D


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