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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Claire Eye palette..Welcome Neon colors

Hey fellows
Im here sharing a review and looks from my Claire's cosmetics Eye palette.

Know it!!
I got  this one from Claire cosmetics in Canada and have been keeping this as a prized possession for Its shades which i hadn't found in any palette then ..well now i have my eyes on some other palettes which offer more neon shades
This actually is a zipped tin case  with two palettes inside ;one for eye comprising of 5 eye shadows and 2 applicators and the second one is for lip having some pretty awesome 7 shades of pinks a mirror and an applicator(I'll review that some other time. for now lets focus on the eye palette)
The sheer pink ones have almost ran out:P
The palettes can be removed from the case if you need only one at the moment.The zip around it protects the stuff inside.So it is pretty handy.
Use it !!!
As i have told u that i like this palette becoz of its amazing shades.Moreover it is actually a complete package of eye shades . You can mix and match any shades you want to ,as you have an array of light, dark and medium shades .So you have all over,in the crease and highlighter all at one place.
I sometimes carry it as a travel kit at it turns out quite useful becoz the Pink color also serves as blusher at times of need.
As for the pigmentation of the shadows, I have felt them quite applicable and comfortable to use.The Yellow and pink shades in squares, at times look like very sheer, but are built-able .The green,purple,white and Fuchsia shades are bright , quite easy to apply and practically need no base or primer underneath.

The shadows maintain their shade for a good lot of time.I have used them in combination and alone .They rock
Love it!!
  • It has gorgeous shades.
  • It is all in one palette.
  • It is pretty secure while on the go or in the bag.
  • Pigmentation is quite impressive.
  • Colors are vivid
  • It is compact

Leave it!!
  • It is a little pricey.
  • It has bold colors for your taste
  • Light shades need more application to stand out.
  • If one needs more colors to a palette.
See This post for another look with Claire eye Palette.

There is a look I have created with this palette using all shades and NYC Curling mascara in black

Scaling and Rating:
Quality****1/2(Except the yellow color which is sheer than it look,has vibrant shades,compact,quite good)
Price****(for $15 you can get a little better than that)
Product Claims****:(doesnt claim much , but has cool colors and does well)
Durability through time:****1/2:(stays put for long time
Availability:***:(only at Claire's outlets,not available locally)
Recommendation:****1/2(Get it already for your daily plus glamorous makeup needs)

I liked it right from the start and have not stopped yet .
Hope you do too
Cheeky Chic


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