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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Depotting Hard Candy Face Facts kit Blusher/ Bronzer Duo..Whew

Remember My Wails and Cries when I reviewed Hardy Candy's face Facts kit..I was itching to do this thing since ages and  finally ..the news is.. that its been done .. Lets see how I did.

 If PRESENTATION hadn't been important, there might have been  even no beauty products around.. Make up is almost all about enhancing features of a person and presenting them in a better way..Somehow a product attracts you like hell on a first look. We do not say "love at first sight" for nothing , do we?

So when I got Hard candy's Face Facts kit I was Like "Woo!! I got Hard Candy"..And on opening I was "Whoooo..:|.. Is that Hard Candy :O" .. I mean I have not seen such a flimsy packaging in MY LIFE even from the lowest of a lowest product . I so agree that bucks should go more in to product than packaging  but I was all about .. "How could you not afford making a plastic case in the first place"..It is all cardboard and thin black sheet  holding the products together ..More astonishment hit me when I found the product pretty much opposite to packaging ..They are  vibrant and amazing .. You can know about them in my earlier post about the kit.

Coming back to packaging, No offence to who ever designed this , but many times I did not reach for this kit only because it made me depressing all along ..So finally when I totally dropped it out of my make up picks on a recent visit to out-of-station wedding function,I decided to make it a part of my regularly used stuff .

Taking the blush/bronze duo out was a little difficult so I tried to separate it from rest of the body in a neat square..I didnt take a photo of  that cuz I wasn't sure how will it end but I can show you the other half.. I had to be careful not to get too close to eye shadows lest the fall out too.

Now, what I needed to do was find a proper case. I didnt want it to go to a palette because at times I love to have a blusher/ bronzer thrown in my bag and get to go. Well, I had some option of empty pots esp of my fav blusher from Odho Cosmetics. That was already filled of my Diana of London duo shimmer Eye Shadow that I brought to pieces after a slip of hand. Thus I came across this Lip gloss I had not used for some times esp after I had come across Johnson's scented jelly. It still had some product which I scooped out to another lip palette. It is a tin pot ..Small enough and is pink print on outside  which almost makes it the perfect match..

After I had a square  in my hand I took off the sides and made it a flat sheet like. Now was the time to measure how much would fix in to the pot. Luckily I had to get as close to the duo as I could and it would fit in so amazingly as if it was made for each other.

I trimmed the edges off to shape it round. Little glue on the back and it stuck to the pot bottom. easy peasy. The lid would fit in perfect and I could even squeeze a small blush brush in too.. This actually made me even happier cuz I use that brush normally for bronzing purposes.

So that was all. No Mess no Fuss.. Now the one thing that I can say  good about the packaging is that it is super fuss free to depot .. may be that was the whole purpose..:/..Kidding
Hope you people liked my this experience..I would try giving the Eye Shadows A new home too as soon as I get something appropriate..:)
See ya Next Time
Cheeky Chic 


  1. The tin is absolutely adorablllle! And such a perfect fit. Glad to have you back after ages (:

    1. :P.. I am glad to be back too.. :) Thanx for liking

  2. Its really nice :) im too much addict to blushons.
    Urs new follower, follow me back

  3. love blush shade

  4. Very nice! I've been on a depotting frenzy lately, but never thought of putting them in a different tin like that though :)

  5. How creative. Your'e right. Bad/ugly packaging takes out all the fun out of makeup.

  6. Wow nice. I am impressed by your creativity ;)

  7. Thanks Everyone for liking this effort ..:)


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